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Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home

Sunset In Barbuda

Sunset In Barbuda

I don’t do a lot of Daily Prompts, but this one was an interesting one, so here goes.  The questions presented are:

If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, travelling from place to place, would you do it? Do you need a home base? What makes a place “home” to you?

We have been considering various retirement options as we approach that juncture of our life. When we ponder, we usually come up with some variation of the nomadic lifestyle.  Whether it be renting apartments in various cities around the world and explore, or buy a sailboat and do things in that way, it always ends with that conversation.  We are slowly lurching along a committed path to do some variation, with the sailing usually ending at the top and the apartment concept as a fall back.  We have always been a bit nomadic in our life, living in 7 cities over the years, and we travel well together, usually just the two of us. So the answer to would you do it is a resounding yes.

Inside Passage, Alaska

Inside Passage, Alaska

The idea of living on a boat can be a traumatic thought to some.  The space is small, yes, but, you technically always have a place to call home.  Technically speaking, it is a mobile home base.  A home base to us, is a complete necessity.  When we go places now, we tend to book a B&B or apartment for a week and fan out from there.  This works well in Europe as the transportation systems are usually impeccable and heading out and getting back is usually quite simple.  It also beats lugging a lot of suitcases everywhere you go.  Grabbing a backpack and heading out is the only way to go.  To attach this theory to a sailboat is a simple stretch.  Dock in a marina and head out.  The difference is that you could go further with no need to return every night.  Once again, the answer to needing a home base, an emphatic yes.

A Possible Home

A Possible Home

What makes a place home to us is fairly simple.  It comes down to personal space and stuff.  The touches and familiarity can cushion the fact that home would generally be quite far away.  Stuff is important as well as they tell you that you are in your own space and you always have what you need close at hand.  Think of clothes, bicycles, golf clubs, dishes, nick-knacks.  You see reminders that you are in your own space, that you have everything you need and have a connection to it.

To sum up, there is no place like home, however, with the right touch, you can definitely take home with you.

Daily Prompt: Goals

A WordPress weblog with the TwentyTen theme, a...

A WordPress weblog with the TwentyTen theme, as rendered by Epiphany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This prompt from WordPress “Daily Prompt: Goals” dropped into my email the other day. This one got me thinking.  When I started this blog, I had an idea to create a personal storehouse to help Lori and I remember our various adventures and share them with our friends in some way.  I held to this for a while and then, miracle of miracles, people started reading about these adventures, people I didn’t know.  I soon realized that WordPress is a very large community, filled with people with the same general idea, that being, I have something to share with the world.  I started following blogs, getting involved in comments and, all the while watching my blog grow.  As it grew, I began to dabble in other areas of my interests, music, sports and opinion.  I eventually came to a crossroads in that I felt I was losing focus on my original thought for this blog.  I even went so far as to create 3 other blogs, splitting my interests in 4.  This did not work, we don’t get paid for this, and 4 blogs was like a full-time job.  I folded up 2 of them and went to a music blog and the original.  I figured out again that it was far too much work and folded up the music blog as well.  Now I am what I am, and feeling pretty good about it.


I still have the urge to track back a bit and concentrate on the travel side more, but, I really love my music as well.  No matter what I end up doing, I do know on thing.  I can’t see me quitting.  This is way too much fun.


Rock on my WordPress friends, and never miss an opportunity to go somewhere.




Daily Prompt: Mix Tape

This postaday thing is kind of cool.  Saves a hell of a lot of thinking, and I don’t have to do it every day either.  This one is interesting.  The instructions are simple enough:

Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.

Not bad only a syntax error and a minor spelling mistake.

Sounds simple enough.  Let’s give er a go eh mates.

Describe my life, hmmmm, describe my life, let’s see, describe my life.  No many songs that I can think of that involve working sleeping and working, at least not many I like anyways.  Gawd, this is tougher than I thought.  Let’s try the future.    Ah that’s better.

or, more hopefully

Yes, I want to become a pirate.  A pirates life for me.  I hope….and I dream.




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