Travelling Manitoba – Lake Winnipeg

We were in Winnipeg on the weekend of May 17 for a high school reunion, (which is another story) and spent some time with family.  My brother and his wife live in Gimli, Manitoba, which is a town on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.  The lake is the 10th largest in the world.  It is now suffering many trials and tribulations, and is in effect, very sick.  More on that later, but first a bit of a story.  On our there for a visit, an hour so north of Winnipeg, we decided to stop in the town of Winnipeg Beach and take a look at the lake.  Surprisingly, the ice was still on the lake.  We later told that it was highly unusual for this late in the year, and  could be the latest breakup in memory.


Lake Winnipeg, May 18, 2014
Lake Winnipeg, May 18, 2014


I took this with my iPhone in panorama.  Looks very cold, and it was.  The wind was coming in off the lake and was biting.


The lake, as I mentioned earlier, is in big trouble.  From zebra mussels to huge algae blooms (visible from space), there are a myriad of issues threatening the life of this great body of water.  I have dropped a couple of links here, and, if you are interested, click them and find out more about the struggle to save this place.


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How You All Doing

Man, what a crazy summer so far.  Between multiple trips to Winnipeg, floods, heat and working too hard, we now will be sort of out of contact for a week or so, although I will seriously try to post a few pictures.  We are taking off to Vancouver for a day to continue with our “To Sail Or Not To Sail” adventures.  I am really starting to love the sailing thing.  Then we take off on a cruise to Alaska.  This should (will) be great.  See you soon, and I leave you with the obvious.


Song Of The Day – Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird

Imaginary Cities

A quick song for you from a band out my home town, Winnipeg.  The song. Hummingbird, the group, Imaginary Cities.  The video, kind of cool.  Speaking of the peg, will be out there again this weekend so some slow blogging once again.  And an apology to people I normally drop in on, just to bloody busy, but I will catch up with you.  In the meantime enjoy another fine song courtesy of my morning drive and CBC2.

Imaginary Cities Home

Imaginary Cities on CBC

Imaginary Cities on iTunes

Imaginary Cities on Amazon

Imaginary Cities on YouTube


Song Of The Day – The Weakerthans – “One Great City”

English: The Weakerthans performing on Decembe...
English: The Weakerthans performing on December 22nd, 2007 at Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Category:Indie rock groups Category:Musical groups from Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Winnipeger is allowed to speak of Winnipeg in whatever way one wants to.  This song, “One Great City”, by Winnipeg band The Weakerthans, is literally a love/hate song of our mutual home town.  The band formed in 1997.  They are an Alt band with some punk roots.  This song is both melodic and ironic.  It was on their 2003 album “Reconstruction”.  A bit different that what I have featured lately, but, heard it on the drive today and had to post it.


The Weakerthans Home Page


The Weakerthans on CBC


The Weakerthans on iTunes



Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

The Weekly Photo Challenge is titled Unique.  We were driving around in Winnipeg, Manitoba and noticed this in the sky.  A perfect X formed by 2 contrails. Thought it was cool, and had never seen it before, at least this defined.

X Marks The Spot
X Marks The Spot


Going To Winnipeg – October 2011

Lori  and I are born and raised Winnipeggers.  We left in 1989, and look forward to our visits as most of our families still reside there.  Lori had actually spent the whole month of September there as she had family matters to take care of.  I joined her at the end of the month for a few days prior to embarking on our adventure to Ontario and Quebec.  We had a great visit with our families which involved very little touring around.  We did manage to squeeze in a few family dinners, both at home and in restaurants.  Of course we managed to sneak in a few drinks as well.  Thanks to all for providing us with some relaxing days and nights.  Contrary to the proverb, of course you can go home again.

Some highlights:

Human Rights Museum

This is the Human Rights Museum being built at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg.  A noble endeavour and some interesting architecture.

Penis on the Prairies

I have always wondered about this.  The city built a pedestrian bridge across the Red River, using what appears to be a phallic symbol to hold it up.  An interesting choice for a centrepiece structure.  The other thing I found strange was placing a restaurant in the middle of said bridge.  I’m not sure what they were thinking, but why would they place this in the middle of a foot bridge in a city that sees 30 below on a regular basis.  I can see people lining up to get in on an especially cold evening after walking a mile or so from where they parked their vehicle.

Now for the food and drink.

Hungs Restaurant - Deep Fried Bananas

We had a great meal at Hungs Restaurant (excellent name that goes with the phallic theme) which we followed up with a dessert of deep fried bananas, with ice cream.  The entire meal was washed down with a few bottles of Tsingtao, a Chinese beer.

A great way to complement a meal. Tsingtao

The local beer that I imbibed was Fort Garry Dark Ale.  A great tasting beer, very smooth and rich.  One of those beers that can only be savoured and not chugged.  One, or maybe two should be enough for most before moving on to less rich varieties.

Fort Garry Ale

As a final note, thanks to John  and Cec for putting us up for the time we were there, and thanks to Gord and Cheryl for the large dinner party.  It was great to see all again, hope to see you at Christmas.

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