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Anthony Weiner, The End in a Nutshell

Anthony Weiner

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Anthony Weiner finally did the right thing.  In what sounded like a speech for re-erecting his career, he resigned.  CNN has gone nuts over this story and reported on his press conference (Weiner Roast?)  They sum up the entire sordid tale in a nutshell (aka Boxer shorts).  It appears at this point that he will spend no time in a penal institution, so no rock pounding.

All kidding aside, he is doing the right thing by quitting.  His credibility is effectively gone.


The Talking Dog

Whoever made this video is a genius.  One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.


The Sun Sends Out Feelers

Did you see this.  The sun burped (farted?) out a phenomenal solar flare on Tuesday.  Absolutely amazing video from a NASA Observatory in space.


My Name is Anthony Weiner, and I’m a Fool

I could have easily posted this in my _gate series, (this is being called weinergate), but I lost interest in that series.  Besides, he is being very foolish.  As he is a controversial political figure, I was not going to touch this, then he called the cops on a reporter for asking him a question.  Makes sense to me, call a cop to arrest someone doing their job, but not on the hacker who set him up.  Or his other story, it was a prank.  He has already said he doesn’t want an investigation into the hacking, even though it is a serious felony to hack a government officials account of any type.  The FBI should be all over this claim as a potential national security breach.   Anthony Weiner is definitely a fool.




Since I started doing this in April, I didn’t know what to expect.  At some point on May 31, this blog hit 1000 views by 300 unique visitors from 14 countries.  Amazing to me that anybody even visited, let alone came back to see more.


My Name is Canada’s Legal System, and I’m a Fool

Remember Vince Li, the maniac on the Greyhound bus a number of year ago.  Incredibly, this, this, this monster, this ridiculously sick man could be on the streets again with day passes in less than a year.  “I’m asking that (Li) be treated no differently than anyone else who comes before the board,” said his doctor.  I ask that he be treated no differently than a murderer in Texas. Read the article and think about how sappy and over the top softies we have become.

My Name is Fred Phelps, and I’m a Fool

Have you heard of the Westboro Church people.  You know, the one’s that picket military funerals with signs that say God hates America because America tolerates homosexuality.  In their foolish minds, these deaths are God’s retribution.  This fool and his family have reached new depths of foolishness.  They will be picketing in Joplin, Missouri on Sunday, when President Obama is there, and may picket a memorial service.  These people are certifiable nuts.|mostcom

My Name is Harold Camping, and I’m a Fool – Part 2

The spin is out.  We must keep up the fund raising momentum.  Heck I miscalculated and missed by 5 months.  I am so sorry.  I have no idea how I missed that.  Send me money and I’ll make sure I’m right.  Film below.  I think he will keep going until he syncs with the Maya crap.

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My Name is Lindsay Lohan, and I’m a Fool

That paragon of virtue and clean living is boycotting Glee because they made “snarky comments” about her.  Perhaps she should not leave herself so open to valid commentary on how she lives her very public life.  She does stuff, people say things.  Pretty much a natural progression.  I hope she doesn’t boycott me.  By the way, I am sure the cast and producers of Glee are very afraid of the millions and millions of Lohan fans boycotting their show.

My Name is Manfred Joehnck, and I’m a Fool

Regina CTV news anchor Manfred Joehnck is the Fool of the Day. He was recently arrested on charges of impaired driving, after striking a motorcyclist, who fortunately, was not injured. As a result, he has resigned his position with the station. While this is not necessarily foolish, what takes it to that level is the fact that this his second charge. In 2002 he rear ended a pick up truck, was fined $1150 and had his license revoked.

I anxiously await his contrition and eventually his rehabilitation (sic).

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