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Spring Cleaning Is Just Around The Corner

McKenna as Harold Green (left) on The Red Gree...

McKenna as Harold Green (left) on The Red Green Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Red Green has some tips for window washing.  His theory, it is dangerous and “people make you do things you don’t want to do, like have kids”.

I Love the CBC – War Criminals

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada - Image via Wikipedia

I am so pleased that the CBC’s journalistic standards prevent them from publishing names and photos of wanted war criminals that are living in Canada illegally.  It makes proud to know that the CBC supports the idea that Canada should be a haven for murderers, rapists and torturers from around the world without discrimination.  As usual they are on the wrong side of the people they purport to represent, US.  A recent poll showed around 80% support for the government’s request for the media to publish same.  It doesn’t matter to the CBC though.  Their standards won’t allow it.  Their standards would allow them to cast aspersions against the other media and the government for doing what was asked of them.  Oh, and or the record, the public has recognized, reported and had arrested 7 of these criminals to date, with 2 already deported to face their country’s legal system.  Good riddance.

I Love the CBC

I Love the CBC.

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