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What I Learned Last Week

news of the weird

news of the weird (Photo credit: massdistraction)


A great week for learning stuff.


1. A children’s TV show in Sweden has characters dressed as “poo-poo” and “wee-wee”. (Biss ock Kajs)



2. The pope used to work as a bouncer.


3. The hardest tongue twister is “pad kid poured curd pulled cold”.  Read about it here


.All in all, a successful week.


Canada – We’re Number 1….For Reputation

Happy Canada Day, Eh?

The Flag of Canada

It is not polite to brag, I know, but once again Canada leads the way in another world poll.  This time, in a survey of 42,000 respondents from around the world, Canada has been named the country with the best reputation.  Sweden was second and Australia was third.  I am proud to be Canadian, one of the best places on Earth.

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