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Tornadoes On The Sun

Exceptionally cool video of plasma storms on the sun, otherwise known as sun tornadoes.  The whole story is here and the video is below.

All Astronauts Should Be Canucks

Astronaut Chris A. Hadfield Mission Specialist...

Astronaut Chris A. Hadfield Mission Specialist Canadian Space Agency (CSA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chris Hadfield has been c/o on the International Space Station for the past while and is heading back to Earth tomorrow.  This is his goodbye song to the station, a first. The first music video from space.  Another reason I’m  a proud Canuck.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Skylab General Mission-Patch

Image via Wikipedia

Interesting article about China’s scientific community.  They are planning to pull an asteroid into earth orbit, mine it, research it, then send it on its way.  I am thinking, what an excellent idea, there is probably no chance that this plan could screw up at all.

In related news, a major satellite the size of a school bus is due to reenter the atmosphere on the 23rd or 24th.  I remember the fear that Skylab wrought when it fell many years ago.  I can still hear the shrieks of “The skylab is falling, the skylab is falling”.

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