Song Of The Day – “September Fields” by Frazey Ford

Being as how we are in the Kootenays, it seems appropriate to post a tune by Castlegar’s own Frazey Ford.  It doesn’t hurt either that it is a terrific tune.

Song Of The Day – Meredith Shaw – “Call It A Night”

Meredith Shaw, Toronto born, is both a singer songwriter and a radio personality.  The messenger and the message, cool.  She has a weekend show on 97.3 in Toronto, in which she interviews talent etc.  She has 1 album out, (2011’s Place Called Happy) which was produced by Big Sugar’s Gordie Johnson and 1 EP (also 2011, Trouble) which was produced by Joel Plaskett.  This tune, “Call it a Night” showcases her personality and style and is done live as well.  Great song.


Song Of The Day – Joel Plaskett – Deny Deny Deny

Three (Joel Plaskett album)
Three (Joel Plaskett album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we have another tune from a regular contributor to the series, Joel Plaskett Emergency.  The song is a great sing along called Deny Deny Deny.  Joel is a great good time music maker in the great Maritime Canadian tradition.  You can hear the Celtic undertones and almost expect a fiddle and an accordion to pop in any second.  The tune is performed live somewhere in Halifax.


Song Of The Day – Ben Howard – Keep Your Head Up

Nederlands: Ben Howard tijdens een optreden in...
Nederlands: Ben Howard tijdens een optreden in Paradiso, Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today’s song of the day is a nice tune from Ben Howard, an English singer-songwriter.  The song, “Keep Your Head Up” was released as a single in 2011, but was on his 2008 début album, “Games In The Dark”, and on his 2011 record “Every Kingdom”.  The song starts out fairly slowly but picks up power as it continues, then moves into a great chorus.  Good tune.


Ben Howard Home


Ben Howard on iTunes


Ben Howard on Amazon



Song Of The Day – John Mayer – Wildfire

John Mayer playing guitar on "Human Natur...
John Mayer playing guitar on “Human Nature” at Jackson’s memorial service on July 7, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The oft maligned John Mayer enters my Song of the Day series, yet again.  I say maligned as more often than not he is dismissed as nothing more than a pop artists.  I tend to disagree.  I find him a superior writer of songs, some pop, some a lot more than that, such as this tune, “Wildfire”.  In this tune he once again proves that he can write and do a great catchy song and showcase something else that people tend to miss.  As a guitar player, there are few performing today that are as good as he is.  He is a terrific player, up there with many of the recognized greats.  In the video, he really cuts loose at the 3:20 mark.  All in all, this song rates an A+ in my books.  Hope you enjoy.

Song Of The Day – Serena Ryder – For You

English: Serena Ryder performing at Showbox, S...
English: Serena Ryder performing at Showbox, Seattle 4-26-09 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Heard this on CBC2 today during an interview she was doing and had to post it.  Serena Ryder is the next big thing.  The vocals on this are amazing, almost Adele, yet different, kind of like Aretha, yet different, and a dash of Amy Winehouse.  This is the exact performance I heard.  Sit back and enjoy “For You”.  Oh, and get the album “Harmony”, you will not regret it.


Serena Ryder on iTunes


Serena Ryder on Amazon


Serena Ryder on CBC Music





Song Of The Day – John Hiatt – “Cry Love”

English: John Hiatt performing at South by Sou...
English: John Hiatt performing at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2010. Photo by Ron Baker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thought I’d drop in with a song.  Summer hit Calgary, had to push away.  Heard this on CBC the other day.  Classic John Hiatt, but then what isn’t.



Song Of The Day – Ron Sexsmith – “Snake Road”

Ron Sexsmith
Ron Sexsmith (Photo credit: kfjmiller)


Back from a “find the sun” weekend.  Man, what a crap summer this has been.  Enough whining, back to the business at hand, a song.  In this case a Canadian singer with huge world-wide influence, Ron Sexsmith.  Thirteen albums since 1991, recording since he was 21, first band at 14, huge stable of musical admirers.  These include, Chris Martin, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Elvis Costello.  His songs have been recorded by many as well.  His tune “Secret Heart” has been recorded by Feist, Rod Stewart and Nick Lowe, pretty diverse group.  Heard this tune while city in my usual discovery place, the driver seat of my car on the way to work (love Shazam, best app ever), and loved it.The song is from his latest album “Forever Endeavour”.  Nicely crafted song.  Enjoy.


Ron Sexsmith Home Page


Ron Sexsmith on iTunes


Ron Sexsmith on CBC Music



Random Songs From My Phone – Eliza Doolittle – “So High”

Eliza Doolittle performing at the Q-Music studios
Eliza Doolittle performing at the Q-Music studios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Quirky English singer Eliza Doolittle moved her way into my music world with the release of her self titled first album  The song that originally caught my interest was “Pack Up” and I believe it made my year’s top 10 in 2011.  Eliza (real name Eliza Caird) released the record in 2010 and is working on her follow-up.  This song is a great ballad that showcases her voice and her talent as an up and coming song writer.  Enjoy your Friday.



Song Of The Day – Justin Rutledge – “Out Of The Woods”

Justin Rutledge performing at Vancouver's St. ...
Justin Rutledge performing at Vancouver’s St. James Community Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Toronto artist, Justin Rutledge, has this little piece of smiliness playing on CBC2 on a fairly regular basis.  The song, “Out Of The Woods” comes from his 5th album, “Valleyhearts”, which he also produced.  His style is very reminiscent of Ryan Adams, somewhat emulating an alt-country style.  This song has a more pop feel to it, but still features strong lyrics and a familiar (somewhat military) drum beat.  All in all, a very enjoyable song, and very easy to listen to.

Justin Rutledge Home Page

Justin Rutledge on CBC Music

Justin Rutledge on Twitter

Justin Rutledge on iTunes



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