La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Back in the day, we used to make a yearly trip to Lac La Ronge in Northern Saskatchewan.  The purpose of the trip was to spend some great times with great friends aboard a houseboat that one of them owned.  La Ronge is wonderful in that it is a big lake with hundreds of islands and is secluded enough that chances are good that you will not see another person for the time you are out there.  And the fishing is terrific.

The Houseboat
The Houseboat

The boat couldn’t sleep everyone, so we would find a spot on Bear Island (our favourite) and pitch a bunch of tents.  We would use the spot as a base of operations for the time we were up there.  Speaking of bears, there are definitely bears on Bear Island.  If you squint real hard, you can see the bear that destroyed our tent as it runs off into the forest.  Needless to say, we did not spend the night on the island this time.  The tents were struck and we moved on.  Unfortunately we had to rename the next island Mosquito Island.  A pretty miserable night, thank heaven for beer.

La Ronge - The Bear
La Ronge – The Bear

The next shot is Rapid River. This very short river connects Lac La Ronge to Hale Lake.  The significance is that the people who owned the boat are Hale’s.  The back story is that lakes in Northern Saskatchewan are named in the memory of soldiers who died in Canada’s wars.  All of them have a plaque noting who the lake is named for. This lake is named after their uncle, who was an airman in WW2.  He died in the Netherlands.

Rapid River
Rapid River

All in all, a beautiful place to go, full of memories, none bad.



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Road Trip – Saskatchewan

One of my favourite places is also an unlikely choice,  We lived in Saskatchewan for many years and only left with trepidation and regrets.  Having said that we made many life friends there, and a joyous occasion caused us to make the trek to our old home.  The daughter of some very close friends was married in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and most of our old group of friends were in attendance.

The first part of our journey was a 7 hour drive to Martensville, Saskatchewan, guided by my son’s intrepid guide dog, Vader.

Vader shows us the way
Vader shows us the way

He led us to Kindersley, Saskatchewan, where we stopped for lunch.

Kindersley, Saskatchewan
Kindersley, Saskatchewan

Garden spot isn’t it.  Actually a very nice town, with a typical highway frontage.  Nothing to see here.

Vader did eventually lead us to the wedding in Prince Albert, where we had a great time, catching up with many old friends.

Prince Albert with Friends
Prince Albert with Friends

The next morning, Vader took us to Candle Lake, and the lakefront cottage of some friends.  Great time, and I’ll let some pictures do the talking.

cropped-pa-and-candle-lake-aug-2013-010.jpgSunset At Candle Lake

More Sunset
More Sunset

We ran into a local trapper.

PA and Candle Lake Aug 2013 003

Vader even got his opportunity to get in some beach time with his new buddy, Mowgli.


Song Of The Day – The Guess Who – Running Back To Saskatoon

Broadway Bridge and the Central Business Distr...
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s theme week on Song Of The Day.  The theme, songs about Canadian cities.  Winnipeg.  Check.  Montreal.  Check.  Now it is time for SaskatoonThe Guess Who did this one way back in 1972.  As an added city bonus, the song also has references to Moosomin, Moose Jaw, Broadview in Saskatchewan, Red Deer, Hanna and Medicine Hat in Alberta, Terrace in BC and for some reason Hong Kong.  No idea why Hong Kong.  The other towns would all be familiar to Winnipeg bands playing the Western Canadian pub and club circuit.  Enjoy the classic “Running Back To Saskatoon”.



Remembering Raylene Rankin


Back in our slightly younger days back in the town of Martensville, Saskatchewan, this song used to get a big rise out of the semi, mostly and hardly inebriates at town functions.  Sadly, Raylene Rankin passed away on September 30th after a battle with cancer.  Thanks for the memories Raylene.


Friday Funnies – Corner Gas – The Internet Is Angry

Corner Gas
Corner Gas (Photo credit: Geoff S.)

Corner Gas, a slice of small town life.  Based on the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, the stories told are not quite the truth (based on my experiences living in small town Saskatchewan), but there is enough of a germ of the truth to make me smile when I watched this uniquely Canadian program.  In this clip, Oscar meets the Worldwide Interweb.

My Favourite Travel Blogs Talks About Saskatoon

Saskatoon Skyline in Winter
Saskatoon Skyline in Winter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favourite travel blog returns home to Saskatoon in a post called the Saskatchewanian.  Pretty much says it all about a place we spent some very good years in, and sharing some time with Dean and Laynni.

The Saskatchewanian

A Milestone (With Some Luck)

At some point last week, a milestone of 25,000 views was reached right here on Is It Possible To See It All.  It came with some luck as I actually caught (I think) the 25,000th visitor.  So besides thanking the other 24,999 visits, I thank my Saskatchewan buddy Traci Kay for being that visitor.  She writes a great blog called Hockey Mommy Confessions.  She shares my love for hockey and all things Canadian, and, very important, shares my dislike for the Vancouver Canucks.

The Canuckleheads
The Canuckleheads


Listening To Canadians – The Deep Dark Woods

deep dark woods
deep dark woods (Photo credit: catechism)


The Deep Dark Woods are another band out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that I spent some evenings listening to at Bud’s On Broadway.  This particular song was written for a CBC project in 2009 called The Great Canadian Songquest.  Charlie’s (is coming down) is performed live in this version.  Ah, memories.



Friday Funnies – Trailer Park Boys

The Trailer Park Boys from the Canadian mockum...
Image via Wikipedia

The Trailer Park Boys is an interesting cable show.  The characters lurch back and forth from charming to, well, disgusting.  Lots of innuendo, drugs, booze, law breaking and swearing, but, it is funny, and Canadian.  The action takes place in a trailer park (naturally) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In this post we will take a quick look at Ricky and things he says, otherwise known as Rickyisms.

Friday Funnies – Corner Gas

Corner Gas

A classic Canadian comedy, Corner Gas is set in small town Saskatchewan.  Having lived there, I can see a lot of truth in what happens in each episode.  You can’t stop me from spreading my pink eye revenge.

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