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Song Of The Day – “Carry Me Along” by Express and Company

Some Canadian music by Express and Company.  Man, we have a lot of great bands up here.

Song Of The Day – Alabama Shakes – “Hold On”

Aerial image of in Athens, Alabama, United States

Aerial image of in Athens, Alabama, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey y’all.  How you been.  I have enjoyed major summer and have barely had time to read and comment let alone post.  Figured that this tune was a good segue to getting back on the keyboard.  The Alabama Shakes are a band out of Athens, Alabama (not Georgia, nor Greece) with an outstanding album released in April of 2012.  Instant classic????  I vote yes.  Remind me of Black Keys with a dose of Sheepdogs.

Hope to post a few things in the coming few weeks, then get back on the beam full-time again in September.

Alabama Shakes Home Page

Alabama Shakes on Facebook

Alabama Shakes on Bandcamp

Hold On

Song Of The Day – Remembering Edith Bliss

Divisional Trivia trophy

This will have to do until I find a better one

Trivia Question of the Day

What was the first foreign song to hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Chart?

The last Question answered

Who was the first singer to refuse a Grammy?

Sinead O’Connor in 1990.  Strange person, great singer.  Lizziecracked is the first holder of the Trivia Championship Trophy, and will hold until I post the answer to the new question.  Lizziecracked runs a great blog that everyone, contrary to belief, should try at home, called Running Naked With Scissors.

Edith Bliss

Australian singer Edith Bliss passed away on May 3.  She was 52, far to young.  Edith had a couple of hits in 1979 and 1980, including “If It’s Love You Want”, her biggest hit.  She ended her singing career in 1980 and became a reporter.  In 2006 she appeared on Wheel of Fortune.

“If It’s Love You Want”

Song Of The Day – Remembering Chris Ethridge

The Gilded Palace of Sin. Flying Burrito Broth...

The Gilded Palace of Sin. Flying Burrito Brothers 1969 LP (Photo credit: sludgegulper)

Another part of music history has passed on.  Chris Ethridge, bass player, passed away on April 23.  He was 65.  He was suffering with pancreatic cancer Check out this list of players and bands he worked with, but first, note that he was the bassist for The Flying Burrito Brothers with Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman.  These guys pretty much created the country-rock genre of music.  Chris wrote several songs with the band.

The List

Judy Collins, Leon Russell, Johnny Winter, Randy Newman, Ry Cooder, Linda Ronstadt, The Byrds, Jackson Browne, Willie Nelson, Paul Kantner, The Doors and the list goes on.

Lazy Day

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 22

This week’s grouping is heavy on the classic 80’s rock material, but does include some classic Quebec music.

1. Frozen Ghost

“Should I See”

Frōzen Ghōst

Frōzen Ghōst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frozen Ghost was formed in the mid 80’s, recording until their break up in 1993.  They had a string of hits in the late 80’s, winning the 1987 Juno award as most promising new group.  Should I See is their first entry on the list.

Should I See

2. Robert Charlebois


Français : Robert Charlebois au festival de Ca...

Français : Robert Charlebois au festival de Cannes 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robert Charlebois is a composer, singer, author from Montreal.  He was awarded the Order of Canada in 1999.  This song was originally recorded way back in 1967.


3. Glass Tiger

“My Town”

Air Time: The Best of Glass Tiger

Air Time: The Best of Glass Tiger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great classic rock song from Glass Tiger, and their 3rd entry on the list.  This is the version with Rod Stewart singing in parts of the song.

4. Chalk Circle

“This Mourning”

Another 80’s band out of Ontario.  A little harder edge than a lot of their contemporaries, except in this song.  Kind of sound like Simple Minds.

This Mourning

5. Blue Rodeo

“After the Rain”

Blue Rodeo 1

Blue Rodeo 1 (Photo credit: Neal Gillis)

Another entry from one of Canada’s finest bands.  This is an outstanding vocal performance by Jim Cuddy.

After The Rain

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 21

It is Sunday and time for the next 5 in my list of Canada’s best music.  In this edition, 2 by a current Canadian favourite, a classic rock song, a second entry by the great Joni Mitchell and some garage rock by Ugly Duckling.

1. Blue Rodeo

Diamond Mine

Cover of "Diamond Mine"

Cover of Diamond Mine

Blue Rodeo are Canada’s number one alt-country, rock band.  They have been churning out the hits for many years and are still at the top of Canada’s popular music game.  This song was released in 1989.

2. The Ugly Ducklings


The ugly duckling....

The ugly duckling….

Waaaay back in the 60’s, The Ugly Ducklings were the best there was on the Toronto music scene.  Garage rockers extraordinaire.  The version here is from a 2000 concert.  Love it live.

3. Blue Rodeo

“Hasn’t Hit Me Yet”

Blue Rodeo 1

Blue Rodeo 1 (Photo credit: Neal Gillis)

A second song by Blue Rodeo in this set.  This is from 1993.

4. Joni Mitchell

Free Man in Paris

Joni Mitchell performing in concert photo by P...

Joni Mitchell performing in concert photo by Paul C Babin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A  second tune on the list by the incomparable Joni Mitchell.  Easily one of the greatest ever.  This video features a live version and features an incredible band.  Really, really good!!

5. Chilliwack

“My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)”

Bill Henderson (lead singer and guitarist for ...

Bill Henderson (lead singer and guitarist for Chilliwack) taken in Merritt, BC, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chilliwack is one of those bands that really should have made it big worldwide.  Very talented with strong songs.

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