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Shameless Self Promotion Post

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A bit of a change in the place.  Some may have noticed that the music appears to have gone away.  I played with a music blog in the past and have decided to resurrect it.  The reason, continuity.  I get carried away with the tunes and lose what I wanted to see here.  What is that you ask?  Simply put, my other passion is seeing places, as in travel.  I also love general stuff as well, such as funny things, general events and the such.  When I get crazy on the music, I tend to lose my train of thought and ignore my intentions for this place.


If you like the music, you can follow me here.  Same amount of posting, just more organized.


The Real Canadian Music Blog


And while I am shamelessly plugging, don’t forget to hit the Facebook Like thing-me in the sidebar, on either blog.




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The Week on The Real Canadian Music Blog – December 24, 2012

Over on the The Real Canadian Music Blog since December 1:

We listened to new Canadian music from:


Walk Off The Earth

Ian McAnsh

We listened to some great Canadian music:

Deep Dark Woods
Emm Gryner

We listened to great music from:

Norah Jones

I.V. Webb

Jake Bugg

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