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Video: Sneaking Into North Korea |

한국어: 평양 직할시

한국어: 평양 직할시 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My fascination with North Korea continues.  This is pretty interesting.

Video: Sneaking Into North Korea |

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The Most Popular Band in ….North Korea

North Korea

Image by Tequila Partners via Flickr

I really don’t know how to describe this other than Hmmmmmmm. Once again my morbid fascination with this train wreck of a country has led me to YouTube in a search for something both “normal” and interesting. This group is supposed to be the most popular band in North Korea. My favourite part is in the comment section where one pundit says “North Korea’s answer to Robert Palmer’. Wish I had said that.

Prepare to be amazed.

North Korea – A Tourists Paradise

Pyongyang, DPRK (North Korea). February 2010

Pyongyang, North Korea

I don’t know why, but North Korea has a certain fascination for me.  Maybe it is the morbid curiosity, or the allure of the forbidden or maybe the sheer element of wanting to see the unknown.  I have no idea.  The link here* is from Time magazine and consists of photos taken by Chinese tourists on a cruise along the North Korean coast.  Pictures are so rare of this country that it is almost an event when they are released.

North Korea is in Charge of World Disarmament – Part 3

Members of CD (Conference on Disarmament).

Members of the UN Conference on Disarmament - Image via Wikipedia

With righteous indignation, the peace loving government of North Korea lambastes Canada for it’s decision to boycott the UN Conference on Disarmament for the duration of North Korea’s chairmanship.  In response, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird said that Canada would wear the criticism as a badge of honour.

Simply put, this is a major oxymoron and another reason that the United Nations is becoming more and irrelevant on issues such as this.  Another reason to be proud to be Canadian.  We are the only country to protest this decision to allow the North Koreans the chair.

North Korea is in Charge of World Disarmament – Part 2

North Korea is in Charge of World Disarmament – Part 2.

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