My Reasons to Travel….As Often As Possible – Number 4 – The Drink

In my last post, I discussed food and it’s value in travel.  One has to have something to complement the food, or maybe one needs a cooling refreshing beverage to pick up your spirits on a hot tropical day.  This brings to the next reason to travel, the drink.  Yes,  you can enjoy various wines, beer and liquor from around the globe just by visiting your local liquor store, however, I don’t think it is the same.  Think of drinking a Corona.  Now instead of drinking it in a Keg  Steakhouse, think about drinking it on a beach, say a beach like this.

The Beach

One of my favourite things on a trip is to try the local beer.  It is no secret to people who know me that I like, no, love, beer.  Port Royal in the Honduras, Zot in Bruges, real Heineken in Amsterdam, Peroni in Rome, Belekin in Belize, Modelo in Cozumel.  All are very good, all are local.  I have now resolved to take pictures of every beer I drink in another country (not each and every, just every type).  And don’t get me started on wine.  there is nothing like stopping in at a shop, spending 2 or 3 Euros and getting a bottle of decent wine.

Once again it is about experiences.  Sure, there will be bad ones, but there will be awesome ones as well, some of, if not most of which, I will never have another opportunity to sample.  Make the most of it.  You’re going to have a drink anyway, might as well try something completely different.  This reminds me of a story my brother told me.  He was in Scotland, in a bar.  Wanting a beer, he asked the server to bring him a beer, the most popular one.  He naturally assumed a local beer would come back, NOT.  The server brought him a Miller Genuine Draft.  Crazy.

Here are some drink oriented pictures.

The Fleece Inn, Bretforton, UK

Lori and I enjoying a cold one at a 13th century pub in the UK.  My personal record for oldest pub.  Good story.  We heard about this pub, as it is very old, and went into the village to find it.  We asked John, Lori’s cousin, and the driver, where in the village it might be.  He said, look for the church, it will be across the street.  In England they are always across the street, and of course, it was.

The Red Lion in Salisbury

The next thing I resolve to do is take a picture of the cool pubs we see.  This place was stunning.  The Red Lion in Salisbury, UK.  It seems that every English town has 2 pubs, The Rose and Crown and/or the Red Lion.

Bruges, Belgium - The Wall of Beer

Yes, this exactly what it looks like, a display case full of Belgian beer and the glass used for that beer.  The astounding part, there were 4 of these cases along the wall.  Amazing, copious amounts of local beer.  Might take a while to have one of each.

Pecan Beer in New Orleans

This is nuts.  Pecan beer.  Had this in New Orleans and was surprised by just how good it was.  Don’t be put off by perceptions of weird.  They wouldn’t keep making it if it was crap.

Good Friends = Good Times

A good glass of wine, a good meal, good friends and an interesting location equals memories that will last a lifetime.  Enjoy your life, step up and step out.

My Reasons to Travel….As Often As Possible – Number 3 – The Food

Insalata caprese, made from mozzarella, tomato...
Caprese Salad

Let’s face facts, we all love to eat.  As Canadians, we are very lucky in the variety and styles of cooking that one can sample without leaving the country. Having said that, I find it far more exciting to actually eat an Italian dish when in Italy.  Seems more logical to eat a Caprese salad in Capri than to pick one up at the local Sobeys.  I have yet to find buffalo mozzarella, olive oil or roma tomatoes that are even close to what we ate in Italy,  the same yet vastly different.  Eating catfish in New Orleans, English breakfast in England, pannenkoek in Holland, Belgian chocolate in Belgium, pasta in Sorrento, pizza in Rome.  I could go on, as both Lori and I have no issue whatsoever sampling what is local, and jump at the chance to try new foods.  Here are some of our prize meals.

Breakfast in Brighton, UK
Lunch in Cosat Maya, Mexico
Lunch in Rome
Supper in Sorrento, Italy
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