Song Of The Day – Bobby Bazini plays I Wonder

Bobby Bazini et ses amis au Festivoix 2010
Bobby Bazini and friends at Festivoix 2010 (Photo credit: Mario Groleau)

I’ve heard this tune a lot over the past few months.  It kind of grows on you.  When I first heard it, I immediately thought it was a new tune from Paolo Nutini.  Wrong.  Bobby Bazini is a French-Canadian sinnger songwriter out of Mont-Laurier, Quebec.  The song, I Wonder was released in 2010 and was off his album “Better In Time”.  The album garnered him Juno nominations in 2011 for New Artist of the Year and Pop Album of the Year.  He did not win in either category.

Bobby Bazini Home

Bobby Bazini on iTunes

I Wonder

The Week on The Real Canadian Music Blog – December 24, 2012

Over on the The Real Canadian Music Blog since December 1:

We listened to new Canadian music from:


Walk Off The Earth

Ian McAnsh

We listened to some great Canadian music:

Deep Dark Woods
Emm Gryner

We listened to great music from:

Norah Jones

I.V. Webb

Jake Bugg

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 24

A great set if you like classic rock.  Max Webster is featured with 2 songs in the grouping.

1.  Max Webster

“Let Go the Line”

The Best of Max Webster
The Best of Max Webster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Max Webster was the starting point for 2 of Canada’s most brilliant songwriters, Kim Mitchell and Pye Dubois.  The band formed in 1973 and had a string of hits and gold albums until 1981.  The principals all went on to great solo careers.

Let Go The Line

2. Nickelback

“Worthy to Say”

Chad Kroeger on stage with Nickelback in Dubli...
Chad Kroeger on stage with Nickelback in Dublin May 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing to say, except they are from small town Alberta.  Major international stars, you either like them or you don’t.

Worthy to Say

3. Bachman Turner Overdrive

“Lookin Out for Number One”

Bachman-Turner Overdrive performing live in Ör...
Bachman-Turner Overdrive performing live in Örebro, Sweden 1991 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great song.  I always thought their early material was far superior.  Kind of like the jazzy sound they had before they went straight power chords.

Looking Out For Number One

4. Max Webster

“Night Flights”

Kim Mitchell, Bobcaygeon Arena - 2005
Kim Mitchell, Bobcaygeon Arena – 2005 (Photo credit: Steven Burke)

The second entry.  Both these songs were from the same album.  There will be more.

Night Flights

5. The Band

“King Harvest”

Bob Dylan and The Band - February 2, 1974
Bob Dylan and The Band – February 2, 1974 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Band is likely the best band to come out of our country.  Great music.  This video is absolutely spectacular.

King Harvest

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 23

Today’s 5 spot includes a classic female singer of the 60’s, another entry from Blue Rodeo some classic rock and folk, and a current superstar.

1. Buffy Ste. Marie

“Mister Can’t You See”

Buffy Sainte-Marie
Buffy Sainte-Marie (Photo credit: aneye4apicture)

Buffy Ste. Marie is a native Canadian artist, born in Saskatchewan.  Her music is a mix of history and mysticism.  She is a true Canadian treasure.

This is one of her anti-war anthems.

2. Blue Rodeo

“Till I am Myself Again”

Blue-Rodeo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love these guys.  Another entry from a great band.  This song is off Casino, recorded in 1990.

3. Crash Vegas

” It’s Not Funny Anymore”

Greg Keelor at the Spencerville fair
Greg Keelor at the Spencerville fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crash Vegas was a Canadian folk-rock band from the late 1980’s.  It has a connection to Blue Rodeo in that Greg Keelor, the other singer and songwriter for Blue Rodeo was one of the founding members.   He left the band before they had recorded anything. This song is from their 1989 record, “Red Earth”.  The quality of the clip is lacking and I apologize.  Could not find  anything better.

4. 54-40

“One Day in Your Life”

Another entry from a Canadian classic band.

5. Nelly Furtado

“I’m Like a Bird”

Nelly Furtado
Nelly Furtado (Photo credit: Karen Blue)

The first entry on the list by Canadian international superstar, Nelly Furtado.  Great song.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 22

This week’s grouping is heavy on the classic 80’s rock material, but does include some classic Quebec music.

1. Frozen Ghost

“Should I See”

Frōzen Ghōst
Frōzen Ghōst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frozen Ghost was formed in the mid 80’s, recording until their break up in 1993.  They had a string of hits in the late 80’s, winning the 1987 Juno award as most promising new group.  Should I See is their first entry on the list.

Should I See

2. Robert Charlebois


Français : Robert Charlebois au festival de Ca...
Français : Robert Charlebois au festival de Cannes 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robert Charlebois is a composer, singer, author from Montreal.  He was awarded the Order of Canada in 1999.  This song was originally recorded way back in 1967.


3. Glass Tiger

“My Town”

Air Time: The Best of Glass Tiger
Air Time: The Best of Glass Tiger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great classic rock song from Glass Tiger, and their 3rd entry on the list.  This is the version with Rod Stewart singing in parts of the song.

4. Chalk Circle

“This Mourning”

Another 80’s band out of Ontario.  A little harder edge than a lot of their contemporaries, except in this song.  Kind of sound like Simple Minds.

This Mourning

5. Blue Rodeo

“After the Rain”

Blue Rodeo 1
Blue Rodeo 1 (Photo credit: Neal Gillis)

Another entry from one of Canada’s finest bands.  This is an outstanding vocal performance by Jim Cuddy.

After The Rain

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 21

It is Sunday and time for the next 5 in my list of Canada’s best music.  In this edition, 2 by a current Canadian favourite, a classic rock song, a second entry by the great Joni Mitchell and some garage rock by Ugly Duckling.

1. Blue Rodeo

Diamond Mine

Cover of "Diamond Mine"
Cover of Diamond Mine

Blue Rodeo are Canada’s number one alt-country, rock band.  They have been churning out the hits for many years and are still at the top of Canada’s popular music game.  This song was released in 1989.

2. The Ugly Ducklings


The ugly duckling....
The ugly duckling….

Waaaay back in the 60’s, The Ugly Ducklings were the best there was on the Toronto music scene.  Garage rockers extraordinaire.  The version here is from a 2000 concert.  Love it live.

3. Blue Rodeo

“Hasn’t Hit Me Yet”

Blue Rodeo 1
Blue Rodeo 1 (Photo credit: Neal Gillis)

A second song by Blue Rodeo in this set.  This is from 1993.

4. Joni Mitchell

Free Man in Paris

Joni Mitchell performing in concert photo by P...
Joni Mitchell performing in concert photo by Paul C Babin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A  second tune on the list by the incomparable Joni Mitchell.  Easily one of the greatest ever.  This video features a live version and features an incredible band.  Really, really good!!

5. Chilliwack

“My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)”

Bill Henderson (lead singer and guitarist for ...
Bill Henderson (lead singer and guitarist for Chilliwack) taken in Merritt, BC, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chilliwack is one of those bands that really should have made it big worldwide.  Very talented with strong songs.

Talent Tuesday – Canadian Releases – February 28, 2012

A bit different from last week, lots to choose from this week.

Teenage Kicks, a rock band out of Toronto released an album today titled “Be On My Side”.  They play an energetic rock style, utilizing all 5 members.  I definitely enjoyed the attached track.  This is their second album.  Stop by their home page.

Setting Son

English: Plants and Animals at the Montreal In...
Plants and Animals

Next up is a new album from Plants and Animals titled “The End Of That”.  They are and indie/ alternative band out of Montreal, with some Halifax added to the mix.  They have recorded since 2005, this being their 5th release.  The following is off the album.  Good tune, consider it downloaded.

Song For Love

Singer songwriter Rose Cousins released “We Have Made A Spark” today.

The early show at High Noon Saloon

Born in Prince Edward Island, Rose has carved a nice place in Canadian folk music.  This album is her 5th release.  I have attached a live version of “All The Time It Takes To Wait”.  The music starts at the 1:24 mark.  Very nice song.  She is with Royal Wood at the piano.

All The Time It Takes To Wait

My last Canadian release this week comes from Toronto band Memoryhouse.

Memoryhouse (Photo credit: : : Kasper)
The band has released their first full length disc this week titled “The Slide Show Effect”.  Interesting sound as shown in the attached video.  This is a live version of “Punctum”, which is on the album.


My last song for this weeks new releases is not a new release.  I heard this song the other day and I hit instant like.  The band is Graffiti6 and the song is titled, simply, “Free”.  Great tune.  The song is off the recent release called “Colours”.  They are out of London in the UK and are breaking out in a big.  It seems their music is everywhere on TV now.  Songs have been featured on CSI: NY, Grey’s Anatomy, Football Wives, One Tree Hill and Covert Affairs.  An early candidate for the top 10 of 2012.


Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 13

Tonight we will be hearing from two classic rock bands, a maritime treasure with a violin, a Roch and Roller and a 21st century Canadian group who split much to early.

1. Roch Voisine

“Shout Out Loud”

Higher (Roch Voisine album)

This is a live version of this song that Roch performed at a Canada Day celebration.  The band is very tight with a great sax solo.  Roch is a very consistent performer, always hitting his mark.

2. Natalie MacMaster


English: Natalie MacMaster performs at Edmonds...

If you like your fiddling to be Celtic, then you will love this.  Natalie MacMaster is a virtuoso in this discipline.

3. Doug & the Slugs

“Day by Day”

Good story about this band.  At one point in my life, I lived in a town with about 3,000 people.  The bar in town brought this band in to play a one night stand.  Bar could only hold about 250 patrons, but they managed to pack in about 400 of us.  Great night, huge party.  Then the encore.  A huge fight breaks out and Doug is surrounded by bouncers and escorted through the mayhem.  All in all, a terrific evening in Saskatchewan.  I even made about 50 bucks at the pool table.  Ahhh, memories.  Unfortunately, Doug Bennett passed away a few years back, glad I did get to see them.

4. Pat Travers

“Boom Boom (Out go the Lights)”

Cover of "Boom Boom"

You want some rock and roll.  I can’t hear you, Do you want some ROCK AND ROLL.  I can still remember my mullet.

5. Alexisonfire

“Young Cardinals”

Young Cardinals

A great band that broke up before it’s time.  Dallas Green has an insane heavy metal singing voice.

Talent Tuesday – Canadian Releases – February 21, 2012

English: Joel Plaskett performing at the 2007 ...

The week was slow, so slow that I cannot post a new album.  Instead. I will update Joel Plaskett‘s project for the CBC.  The challenge given him was to write and record an album from scratch, in 10 weeks.  He would write and record 1 song a week until he was done.  This is song 6, song 7 was released today.  The album is called “Scrappy Happiness”.

“Somewhere Else”

Joel is one of those players whose work is under rated by many people.   You could do worse than check out more of his work.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 12

Today’s edition includes a couple of classic rock songs, some country, an 80’s pop queen and a more current dive.  A so-so set in my view, but all are essential Canadian artists with their own place in our musical history.

1. Glass Tiger

“I’m Still Searching”

Air Time: The Best of Glass Tiger

Released in 1988, this is one of my favourite songs by Glass Tiger.  This is the second entry by the band in the top 500.

2. Dalbello

“Gonna Get Close to You”


Not my favourite song by Lisa Dalbello, but this was a major hit for her back in the day.  Born in Toronto, she had a string of hits from the late 70’s to the mid 80’s.

3. Platinum Blonde

“It Doesn’t Really Matter”

Alien Shores

Another classic rock band from Toronto, they started life as a Police tribute band.  Their main period was Mid 80’s to early 90’s.  Interesting band.

4. Prairie Oyster

“One Precious Love”

Canadian country music band Prairie Oyster in ...

Prairie Oyster have been around since the mid 70’s and are still touring and recording.  They are members of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame (2008) and have won 6 Juno Awards as best country group or duo. For those of you wondering what a prairie oyster is, thing demi-glasse, freshly castrated bull testicles.  apparently a delicacy, but not one I’ll be sampling any time soon.

5. Celine Dion

” Where Does My Heart Beat Now”

Celine Dion performing "Taking Chances&qu...

Celine Dion, what else can be said.  She may be Canada’s biggest export.  We had the opportunity to see her in 1990, before she was anywhere close to big.  It would have been in a 300 seat hall in St. Albert, AB.  Missed it, messed up.  C’est la vie.

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