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Song Of The Day – “Carry Me Along” by Express and Company

Some Canadian music by Express and Company.  Man, we have a lot of great bands up here.

Song Of The Day – Ingrid Michaelson – Do It Now

Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Great song, with a great chorus, features indie singer songwriter, Ingrid Michaelson doing her song “Do It Now” from her 2012 album “Human Again”.  This is her 5th studio album.  Her songs are regularly featured on major network TV shows, such as, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones and Vampire Diaries.


Ingrid Michaelson Home Page


Ingrid Michaelson on iTunes


Ingrid Michaelson on Twitter



Song Of The Day – Young Buffalo – “Upstairs”

A pretty good tune from indie band Young Buffalo.  A trio out of Mississippi, they have a sound that has a bit of a British vibe to it, and could easily be mistaken for Vampire Weekend.  The video is pretty interesting as well.

Young Buffalo Home




Song Of The Day – Hero by Family Of The Year

Quickly becoming my new favourite song, Hero by Family of the Year.  They are an indie band out of Los Angeles. They released their first album in 2009.  Their break came when they were picked from over 700 groups to open for Ben Folds at his show with The Boston Pops.  Enjoy Hero.

Family of the Year on iTunes


Song Of The Day – Niki and the Doves – “Tomorrow”

Trivia Question of the Day

Who was the first singer to refuse a Grammy?

The last Question answered

What was the first album to include a lyric sheet?

Front cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Clu...

Front cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, “probably the most famous album cover in popular musical history”Ashplant Smyth 2001, p. 185. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles, included a lyric sheet in 1967.

The Song Of The Day

Introducing a Swedish trio called Niki & The Dove.  “Instinct” is their first full length album release and”Tomorrow” is an interesting cut from the album. One of the commenters on the video says “She’s like the love child of Cyndi Lauper and Kate Bush, raised in the wild by fever ray”.  Kind of sums it up pretty good.




Facebook – who cares



Song Of The Day – Young Empires – “White Doves”

Trivia Question of the Day

What was the first album to include a lyric sheet?

Young Empires @Great Escape '11

Young Empires @Great Escape ’11 (Photo credit: Braden F)

The Young Empires are a band out of Toronto with an already impressive catalog.  They are also known for making some great videos.  I posted this song once before, in a new Canadian release post, but I liked it then, and I like it now.  Their sound is very Arcade Fire like with a dash of Coldplay.  Enjoy White Doves.

Young Empires on Facebook

Young Empires on Last FM

White Doves

Song Of The Day – Wintersleep – “In Came The Flood”

English: Wintersleep performing at The Wave in...

English: Wintersleep performing at The Wave in PEI, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The good news is – Wintersleep is back with a new album.  This group of Indie rockers hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia and have been together since 2001.  Best known for their song Weighty Ghost (check it out here), this album has been widely anticipated.  Great band.

Wintersleep Home Page




Song Of The Day – The Jezabels – “City Girl”

The Jezabels at their intimate gig at the Clar...

The Jezabels at their intimate gig at the Clarendon in Katoomba. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Jezabels are an Australian group of alternative/indie pop rockers.  To me, their music has a bit of an updated 80’s feel.  This tune is off their debut album “Prisoner” which was released in September 2011.

The Jezabels Home Page

@theJezabels is their twitter handle


City Girl

Song Of The Day – California Wives – “Marianne”

Chicago based California Wives have a new single out called Marianne.  The video is a live version which definitely showcases their abilities.  While it is Indie-pop, it is a refreshing blend that I am still looking to put my fingers  on.  I hear lots of influences in this song.  There is a short interview at the start and the song itself builds in momentum as it goes.

Links to Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and MySpace are here


Song Of The Day – The Echo Friendly – “Same Mistakes”

The Brooklyn Bridge, seen from Manhattan, New ...

The Brooklyn Bridge, seen from Manhattan, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Echo Friendly are a band out of Brooklyn, New York.  Jake Rabinbach and Shannon Esper are the key duo in the band.  This is a release from an upcoming album.  Kind of a cool song.

The Echo Friendly on Bandcamp

Same Mistakes

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