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Time To Ditch Facebook – You Decide (This Is Nuts)

Facebook logo

Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook takes the Face part to a whole new level.  And the Book part as well, now that I think of it.  Don’t know about you, but thinking on their well-known reputation for respecting privacy, it might be time to ditch them.  I still say they stock will be a buy at $4.00.

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Now I Don’t Feel So Stupid – Redux

This one could be as dumb as the last one, although the potential for damage is a bit greater.  What on Earth was this person thinking.

Now I Don’t Feel So Stupid

A picture is worth a thousand words they say.  What do you say?

Yeah, This Makes Perfect Sense

P: Hey Quentin

Q: Whut Patricia

P: You remember Falon don’t you

Q: Yup, aw shore do

P: Well. she done pissed me off some

Q: Let us do something bout that

P: Whut y’all suggist Quentin

Q: Lets find her and blow er up, lets blow er up real good

P: K, I’ll grab some tampons and we’ll use them as fuses and blow up her car real good

Q: Great plan, bur first lets get real drunk and fool around and stuff

P: K, and can we smoke crack to

Q: shorr


The results at the link below:

Tampons as weapons of mass destruction!!

As a bonus, here is SCTV blowing up stuff, real good.  PS – Eugene Levy as Neil Sedaka is hilarious.




Things That Ticked Me Off This Week – September 14

Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Lots of crazy stuff this week.  Let’s start with the stupid this week.

Some idiot from Jordan decided that the classic Moorish architecture of the Alhambra in Spain was missing that certain something, his name carved into the stone work.  So the fool decided to do this using an amazing writing tool, a coin.  More at the link.

Now we will move to the downright dangerous and arrogant.  Striking longshoremen in Washington state stormed a port in Longview (a union port), taking hostages and destroying equipment and rail cars.  Their reason, these jobs are ours.  No recognition at all that the owners have the right to run their business however they wish, including hiring workers from OTHER unions to perform the work.  I love this, no arrests have been made, so taking hostages is cool if you are doing it on union time.  More at the link’

Speaking of arrogant, did you catch Obama’s speech.  Pass this bill right away, even though there was no bill in existence.  The best response to the speech was by Republican presidential primary candidate, Herman Cain.  I won’t ruin the surprise, read it on your own, if you have 5 seconds that is.–9hB4-eH60S6

And the final note for the week, an absolutely unbelievable post by New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman.  This ASSHOLE published the attached commentary on the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks.  I, for one will never forget this callous abomination.  I only wish I had a subscription to the NYT so I could cancel it.

That’s it for this week.  I feel better now.

Things That Ticked Me Off This Week

Libby Davies, New Democratic member of Parliam...

Libby Davies

As a rule, I sit and read, then seethed over some really crazy (to me) stuff.  The ironic, the pompous, the ridiculous, the downright stupid, I ingest it and just basically get angry.  Some of this is not anger worthy to you,  Doesn’t matter, it is foolish to me.  In this vein, I intend to do a weekly post of stuff that just plain pisses me off.  Nothing fancy, an article or 2 and a comment or 2.  You’ll either get pissed at me or you’ll join me at laughing in the face of the foolish.

Lets get started shall we.

The pompous.  Al Gore compares climate change to the Civil Rights fight.*  I am sure Al is well-meaning, but, come on.  the science is loose at best, his personal reputation on the subject is crumbling.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his Oscar gets yanked on him for that horrendous “Inconvenient Truth” bafflegab.  Ridiculous comment by a spent force.

The ridiculous. Christine St-Pierre, Quebec’s Culture Minister has come up with a beautiful plan to control the press* (and bloggers).  She floated a plan to, get this, license journalists.  Needless to say, journalists were somewhat unanimous in condemning this dumbass idea.  The best part, Christine St-Pierre was once a CBC employee. LOL.

The Crazy.  A professor at the University of Manitoba lost his bid to rescind a student’s PhD* awarded despite the student failing the course.  the student claimed a disability, which the university agreed with.  The disability? “EXTREME EXAM ANXIETY”.  I am enrolling at the U of M tomorrow.  I’ll be a surgeon in a couple of years.

The foolish.  My favourite for the NDP leadership. Libby Davies, came out in support of eliminating the 10 year rule* that immigrants are required to wait to be able to claim Old Age Security.  Her thinking is that if you come to Canada and promptly retire, we should pay that person  OAS and GIS, no questions asked.  The bill was promptly pulled by the NDP for obvious optical reasons.

That is all.

I Love the CBC – War Criminals

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada - Image via Wikipedia

I am so pleased that the CBC’s journalistic standards prevent them from publishing names and photos of wanted war criminals that are living in Canada illegally.  It makes proud to know that the CBC supports the idea that Canada should be a haven for murderers, rapists and torturers from around the world without discrimination.  As usual they are on the wrong side of the people they purport to represent, US.  A recent poll showed around 80% support for the government’s request for the media to publish same.  It doesn’t matter to the CBC though.  Their standards won’t allow it.  Their standards would allow them to cast aspersions against the other media and the government for doing what was asked of them.  Oh, and or the record, the public has recognized, reported and had arrested 7 of these criminals to date, with 2 already deported to face their country’s legal system.  Good riddance.

North Korea is in Charge of World Disarmament – Part 3

Members of CD (Conference on Disarmament).

Members of the UN Conference on Disarmament - Image via Wikipedia

With righteous indignation, the peace loving government of North Korea lambastes Canada for it’s decision to boycott the UN Conference on Disarmament for the duration of North Korea’s chairmanship.  In response, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird said that Canada would wear the criticism as a badge of honour.

Simply put, this is a major oxymoron and another reason that the United Nations is becoming more and irrelevant on issues such as this.  Another reason to be proud to be Canadian.  We are the only country to protest this decision to allow the North Koreans the chair.

Bob Rae – I’m "Super Elite" – and a Fool

Picture of Bob Rae

Bob Rae - Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada Image via Wikipedia

There are leaders and then there are people who think they are.  Bob Rae thinks he is.  Canada’s Liberal Party leader (for now) has a rather warped sense of self importance.  Imagine the situation as described in this link and then think “sense of entitlement”  The taxpayer foots the bill for most, if not all, of his air fare.  He uses (I assume) his Aeroplan to amass vast amounts of frequent flyer miles, ramping himself to “Super Elite” status.  Then he uses this taxpayer fed status to worm his way on to a flight ahead of several people who had just been told there were no seats.  Lack of class, perhaps.  Lacl of common sense, definitely.  The optics are brutal and heighten the public’s current perception of both him and the party he represents as both elitist and entitlement driven.

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