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Music Trivia Question for the Day


Cover of

Cover of Otis Blue: Sings Soul

My last question from what seems like weeks ago (and was):

Q: Who wrote and recorded the first version of “Respect“?

We all know the very famous version by Aretha Franklin (shown here is a live version from 1968 in Stockholm, Sweden)

The answer though is, Otis Redding.  He wrote and recorded this in 1965.  You can find it on his album “Otis Blue“.  The song was not released as a single.  When Otis heard Aretha’s version, his comment was “That little girl stole my song”.

Here is Otis singing his song.

Now for a new trivia question to ponder until I pop in again with a new one.

Q: Everyone knows the George Harrison song “Got My Mind Set On You”.  Who originally recorded it.  For bonus points, who wrote it.

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I Know I’m Taking A Breeak BUT….

File this under, Wish I Had Thought Of That.  This video is HOT right now, likely the best wedding proposal ever.

Remembering Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney, photographed by Stephenson Brown.

Andy Rooney 1919-2011

Andy Rooney, gone at age 92.  He will be missed, as he has been since retiring from 60 Minutes.  Right, wrong, agree, disagree, always blunt and not to worried about pleasing the unpleaseable, Andy entertained us all, sometimes shocking us, but usually making us think just a bit harder.  The link here will take you to a compilation of some of his best 2 minute commentaries.  Enjoy, and remember an interesting person.

Remembering Rob Grill – The Grass Roots

Midnight Confessions

Image via Wikipedia

Rob Grill, lead singer of the 60’s and 70’s band, The Grass Roots passed away yesterday at the age of 67.  They sold over 20 million records and were once on the Billboard charts for 307 weeks in a row.  Prolific and popular, they were one of those bands that were more listened to than anyone imagined.  They flew under the radar, but were always there.  Rob Grill’s vocals will live on forever with songs such as the one I added, “Midnight Confessions“, as their popularity remains strong and the songs are classics.  RIP Rob Grill.

Remembering Dick Williams

Hall of Fame baseball player Dick Williams at ...

Image via Wikipedia

Dick Williams passed away today.  For those who don’t remember, Dick was manager of several baseball teams in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s.  He managed the Boston Red Sox to the 1967 World Series, then led the Oakland Athletics to back to back world series championships in 1972 and 1973.  This was the era of Reggie Jackson and the first team with long hair and moustaches.

Fired by oakland in his 3rd season , went on to the California Angels and then to where I remember him best, managing the Montreal Expos.  He led them from doormats to the NL Final in his tenure, where the Expos lost in heartbreaking fashion.  Steve Rogers, a starter and their best pitcher, came on in relief in the final game to close out the Dodgers.  In a moment that I still can’t bear to relive, Rick Monday tagged one out of the park, giving the LA Dodgers the pennant.

He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2007.  A sad day for ball fans everywhere.  He was, in many ways, one of the icons of baseball in his time.

Now I Believe Everything They Say About UBB

Category:Telecommunications company logos

Image via Wikipedia

Thanks Bell Canada, thanks for strengthening my disbelief at anything you have said, or will say, about UBB.  They have been fined 10 million smackeroos for misleading advertising about pricing of their services.  I assume the 10 million will be made up by an increase in my cell rates to pay for, let’s see, network upgrades, or carbon credits or some other fictitious reason.

Remembering Peter Falk


Image by whatleydude via Flickr

Peter Falk passed away on June 23rd at the age of 83.  He was a major star back in the day and is best remembered for his portrayal of the police officer, Columbo in the TV show of the same name.  I have posted a video of him at a Dean Martin Roast, in which he is character as Lt. Columbo.

Remembering Carl Gardner

Remember all those song Ray Stevens used to sing, you know those funny ditty’s like Yakety Yak, or that song Charley Brown, by whoever.  Guess what, someone did them first, the Coasters, and Carl Gardner was the singer and main man for that band.  The video attached is another song made famous by Ray Stevens, “Along Came Jones“.   Enjoy.  Oh, and for the youngsters watching, TV was only black and white back in the 50’s, no colour, no HD.

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Remembering Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold passed away on June 3 at the age of 59.  A singer/songwriter, best know for “Thank You For Being a Friend” (the theme for Golden Girls) and “Lonely Boy“.   His song “Final Frontier” served dual duty as both them theme song for Mad About You and as the wake up call for the Mars explorer Pathfinder in 1996.  The tune inside is a live version of “Lonely Boy”.

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Remembering James Arness

James Arness passed away today. Marshall Dillon from Gunsmoke was an institution on early TV, with characters like Chester, Festus and Miss Kitty. The clip attached is the opening credits from the 1955 show. The link takes you to his website.

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