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Time to Tidy Up The Place and Humbly Accept Awards

Hello everybody. I have some stuff hanging out there and want to tidy up a bit.

1. Hope you are having a great Earth Day.  Now that I have deleted the 37 emails about Earth Day posts, I now have time to go get my space heater and put it in the freezer for the day. (just kidding).  I don’t celebrate Earth Day, I choose to celebrate Earth Everyday.  That way the pontificating gets spread out over the year instead of being inundated with guilt on 1 day and 1 hour each year.

Enough on that topic.  And seriously, do your thing today.  We only have one planet to call home.

2. Second on the agenda is the following link.  Do yourself and your computer a favour and hit the link.  I had no idea.  You may have a virus that the US Government has protected you from.  They have routed the bot to their safe servers, but are ending the project in July and you may lose access to the net in July.


3. Next, a big shout out to A Gripping Life for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  I liked this one because it is so simple.  All I need to do is nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers that I feel deserve it.  Here goes:

I'm not going to lie, I like this award.

Pictures And Plane Tickets is a blog I just started following.  A mix of humour and travel (sounds familiar somehow), I have enjoyed this one since I found it.

Random Deviations is another recent follow.  Chris writes some pretty entertaining stuff and is a fine addition to your reading pleasure.

The Music Court is a blog I love to follow.  A Gripping Life nominated Matt’s blog at the same time she tagged mine, but, I feel that more people need to know about this one.  Great writing style and great taste in music.

The Blog Of Funny Names is a blog that caught me by the funny bone.  Material is limitless.  Kind of wish I’d thought of that.

Words You Can’t Unsay is nuts, and terribly funny.

Please take a peek at these, you may find something you really like.

4. John The Aussie was awarded a great award by Writing, Reading, Working, Living that I thought was ubercool and very easy.  Post it and award it to all of your followers.  It is The William Shatner Award.  I hereby pass this award on to all of you.

5. Edward Hotspur has been on about Nickelback (a Canadian national embarrassment to most) and I wanted to acknowledge this with a chart that expresses graphically their talents.

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