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Song Of The Day – The Guess Who – Running Back To Saskatoon

Broadway Bridge and the Central Business Distr...

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s theme week on Song Of The Day.  The theme, songs about Canadian cities.  Winnipeg.  Check.  Montreal.  Check.  Now it is time for SaskatoonThe Guess Who did this one way back in 1972.  As an added city bonus, the song also has references to Moosomin, Moose Jaw, Broadview in Saskatchewan, Red Deer, Hanna and Medicine Hat in Alberta, Terrace in BC and for some reason Hong Kong.  No idea why Hong Kong.  The other towns would all be familiar to Winnipeg bands playing the Western Canadian pub and club circuit.  Enjoy the classic “Running Back To Saskatoon”.



Remembering Darryl Cotton

Australian singer, actor and television personality Darryl Cotton passed away at 62 on July 27.  As I researched his career, I was amazed at the depth and connections he had.  He played with Rick Springfield, was involved with a group that morphed into the Little River Band, song-wrote for Donny and Marie Osmond, Olivia Newton-John, Shaun Cassidy, The New Seekers and Engelbert Humperdink.

Enjoy his 1980 hit “Same Old Girl”.


Remembering Jon Lord

Deep Purple

Deep Purple (Photo credit: daniconil)

July 16, saw the passing of rock keyboard innovator, Jon Lord.  He was 71.  Best known as one of the founding members of 70’s icons, Deep Purple, he also played with Whitesnake.  He played on the classic song by The Kinks, “You Really Got Me“.  He was on albums by David Gilmour and George Harrison.  He virtually created the riffs used to this day by keyboardists in all types of popular music.

In my life, Deep Purple was one of the bands that formed my musical tastes.  Machine Head is still an album that makes me perk up and listen.  I will never forget Smoke On The Water or Highway Star, which are very much a part of the soundtrack of my life.  The band in heaven just got a bit better.

Highway Star

Smoke On The Water

Remembering Bob Welch

Cover of "French Kiss"

Cover of French Kiss


June 7, 2012 saw the passing of former Fleetwood Mac guitarist, Bob Welch.  Another great one lost.  He committed suicide at the age of 66.  In addition to his time with the band, he had a successful solo career.  Here are a couple of those solo hits in his honor.


Sentimental Lady




Ebony Eyes



Song Of The Day – Spanish Train – Chris De Burgh

English: I took this picture of Chris de Burgh...

Chris de Burgh in concert in Cork city. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back home and figured this was an appropriate segue to getting back into things.  A classic song from a great story-teller.  Chris De Burgh released this song a long, long time ago and now that I have experienced the Spanish train system firsthand……it is fitting.

Spanish Train

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 26

Today’s collection includes some country rock, some classic staples, some music from my favourite city and some really sappy 70’s pop.

1. Murray McLauchlan

“Try Walking Away”

Murray McLauchlan (album)

Murray McLauchlan (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Murray had a strong career in the 70’s and 80’s, writing and recording many current staples on Canadian classic radio.  Unfortunately, he never hit mainstream elsewhere.

2. The Poppy Family

“Where Evil Grows”

Terry Jacks Guests on OTR

Terry Jacks Guests on OTR (Photo credit: Stephen Dyrgas)

Smaltzy Canadian pop at its’ best (worst?).  The Poppy Family had a string of North American hits in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  The group was made up of Susan and Terry Jacks.

4. Northern Pikes

“She Aint Pretty”

Live (Northern Pikes album)

Live (Northern Pikes album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Saskatoon, Canada‘s greatest city.

5. Bachman Turner Overdrive

“Blue Collar”

Cover of "BTO (1984)"

Cover of BTO (1984)

BTO’s very first release, very different from everything they did afterwards.  My favourite song by them by a country mile.  This clip is of Randy Bachman only, but it is live and is at a great venue in Vancouver called the Commodore Ballroom.  Great groove.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 25

I have not done one of these for a while, so it’s time to pick up where I left off and continue the series. I think we all might have needed a break. Only 380 songs to go. This set is heavy on the classic rock and features an icon of my generation, one of the founders of The Band, Robbie Robertson. Also included is one of the judges for Canadian Idol, Sass Jordan and one of the worlds greatest bands, Rush.

1. Robbie Robertson

“American Roulette”

English: Robbie Robertson during a March, 2011...

English: Robbie Robertson during a March, 2011 radio interview. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the rock era’s greatest bands, The Band, spawned several major solo careers. Robbie Robertson is one of the major talents of the era. This version is live on Letterman, supported by fellow Canadian Paul Schaffer. This is one hot version.

2. Coney Hatch

” Hey Operator”

Coney Hatch (album)

Coney Hatch (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coney Hatch was an 80’s rock band who created 3 albums. The band was produced by Kim Mitchell, an accomplished Canadian act in his own right. Carl Dixon, the lead, played with April Wine and the Guess Who in later years.

3. Strange Advance

“We Run”

Another 80’s band, Strange Advance were more of a new wave style group. They won Juno’s (Canada’s Grammy) in 1982 as Most Promising Group and were 1985’s Group of the Year. “We Run”s off their 1985 album “2WO”, which won them their Juno that year.

4. Rush

“Distant Early Warning”

Geddy Lee playing his Roland Fantom X7 during ...

Geddy Lee playing his Roland Fantom X7 during the 2010–2011 Time Machine Tour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The best thing I can say about any Rush song is, “ENJOY”. One of the world’s finest groups.

5. Sass Jordan

“Tell Somebody”

Cover of "Tell Somebody"

Cover of Tell Somebody

Sass Jordan had a great run from the late 80’s through the 90’s. When Canada pursued their own version of American Idol, she was selected as one of the judges. This was her first hit in Canada, recorded in 1988. Don’t panic, the song starts at about 22 seconds.

Song Of The Day – Edwyn Collins – “A Girl Like You”

A Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins song)

A Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets dip into the past and visit the 90’s. Always liked this one. A Girl Like You was released in 1994 by Scottish artist Edwyn Collins and had great success in both the USA and the UK, reaching #4 on Billboard. The song (and artists) are classic one hit wonder material, meaning, an extremely talented musician with many good albums to his credit, caught he world’s imagination only once. Check out his other material.

Edwyn Collins Home Page

A Girl Like You

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 24

A great set if you like classic rock.  Max Webster is featured with 2 songs in the grouping.

1.  Max Webster

“Let Go the Line”

The Best of Max Webster

The Best of Max Webster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Max Webster was the starting point for 2 of Canada’s most brilliant songwriters, Kim Mitchell and Pye Dubois.  The band formed in 1973 and had a string of hits and gold albums until 1981.  The principals all went on to great solo careers.

Let Go The Line

2. Nickelback

“Worthy to Say”

Chad Kroeger on stage with Nickelback in Dubli...

Chad Kroeger on stage with Nickelback in Dublin May 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing to say, except they are from small town Alberta.  Major international stars, you either like them or you don’t.

Worthy to Say

3. Bachman Turner Overdrive

“Lookin Out for Number One”

Bachman-Turner Overdrive performing live in Ör...

Bachman-Turner Overdrive performing live in Örebro, Sweden 1991 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great song.  I always thought their early material was far superior.  Kind of like the jazzy sound they had before they went straight power chords.

Looking Out For Number One

4. Max Webster

“Night Flights”

Kim Mitchell, Bobcaygeon Arena - 2005

Kim Mitchell, Bobcaygeon Arena – 2005 (Photo credit: Steven Burke)

The second entry.  Both these songs were from the same album.  There will be more.

Night Flights

5. The Band

“King Harvest”

Bob Dylan and The Band - February 2, 1974

Bob Dylan and The Band – February 2, 1974 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Band is likely the best band to come out of our country.  Great music.  This video is absolutely spectacular.

King Harvest

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 23

Today’s 5 spot includes a classic female singer of the 60’s, another entry from Blue Rodeo some classic rock and folk, and a current superstar.

1. Buffy Ste. Marie

“Mister Can’t You See”

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Sainte-Marie (Photo credit: aneye4apicture)

Buffy Ste. Marie is a native Canadian artist, born in Saskatchewan.  Her music is a mix of history and mysticism.  She is a true Canadian treasure.

This is one of her anti-war anthems.

2. Blue Rodeo

“Till I am Myself Again”


Blue-Rodeo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love these guys.  Another entry from a great band.  This song is off Casino, recorded in 1990.

3. Crash Vegas

” It’s Not Funny Anymore”

Greg Keelor at the Spencerville fair

Greg Keelor at the Spencerville fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crash Vegas was a Canadian folk-rock band from the late 1980’s.  It has a connection to Blue Rodeo in that Greg Keelor, the other singer and songwriter for Blue Rodeo was one of the founding members.   He left the band before they had recorded anything. This song is from their 1989 record, “Red Earth”.  The quality of the clip is lacking and I apologize.  Could not find  anything better.

4. 54-40

“One Day in Your Life”

Another entry from a Canadian classic band.

5. Nelly Furtado

“I’m Like a Bird”

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado (Photo credit: Karen Blue)

The first entry on the list by Canadian international superstar, Nelly Furtado.  Great song.

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