Fish Creek Provincial Park – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Discovered this park in the centre of Calgary and will share a few photos.  A beautiful walk in an area surrounded by a million people.

A Dog Day Afternoon
A Dog Day Afternoon
Fish Creek Swimming Hole
Fish Creek Swimming Hole

To Sail Or Not To Sail – BC Edition

Gospel Rock Panorama - Gibsons Landing, Sunshi...
Gospel Rock Panorama – Gibsons Landing, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada (Photo credit: Daniel Peckham)

And we are off.  Road trip from Calgary to Gibsons, BC, via Vancouver through the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Then we sail.  Four days of lessons on a 36 footer in Howe Sound, then a more road trip up the Sunshine Coast.  From there a ferry to Vancouver Island, then back to Vancouver and home.  Building more memories, the most important thing in life. Hope to post a few quick posts along the way.

Prepare To Be Cuted Out – Part 2

A while back I posted this picture in a Weekly Photo Challenge.

Good Morning Vader
Good Morning Vader

A fellow blogger, who I just made acquaintance with, Jots from a Small Apt. has asked for more.  Being the accommodating sort, I am more than happy to oblige.  By the way, Jots runs a fine establishment and is worth a visit or 200 or so. There is background to this upcoming cuteness though.

The date, December 29th.  Lori and I had just pent a pleasant night in Banff, Alberta.  We were checking out of our hotel, intending to spend the day skiing at Sunshine Village, a great hill, apparently, as I have never made it there.  We had just finished and Lori’s phone rang.  It was our son, the owner of Vader, calling to tell us that Vader had gotten away from him, the gate was open.  That ended the skiing, before it started, and we headed home.  The next 90 minutes were a blur as we raced back to Calgary to hep find the missing.  We searched and searched, but had the foresight to report him to the city as missing.  After 5 hours of looking, we got a call, he was at animal services, and had been pretty much since he had gone missing.  We knew he was not the type to take off, and apparently had gotten out and went to the wrong door to get let in, maybe 2 doors down in a townhouse condo.  The people opened the door and took him to animal services.  Terrible day.  So now the more part.  Vader’s mug shot.

The Mugshot
The Mugshot
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Song Of The Day – Tegan And Sara – “I Was A Fool”

English: Tegan and Sara performing at the Pola...
English: Tegan and Sara performing at the Polaris Music Prize Gala 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Song Of The Day didn’t have to go far for this one.  Tegan and Sara formed right here in Calgary back in 1995 and have had major success with their indie style music.  This song, “I Was a Fool” is from their latest album “Heartthrob”, which was released earlier this year.  I have chosen a live performance for you to enjoy.  An absolutely terrific tune.

Tegan and Sara Home

Tegan and Sara on iTunes

Tegan and Sara on Amazon

More Tegan and Sara on CBC Music

Only In Calgary


Another reason to love Calgary. Check out this forecast. Rain and plus 5c changing to an evening thunderstorm with plus 3c. Then to complete the trifecta, we have snow overnight and minus 5c. Don’t see that every day.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Living in Calgary gives us ample opportunity to hit the Rocky mountains when the urge strikes us.  Banff is an hour from our front door and Lake Louise a little further down the highway.  This shot was taken in Lake Louise in late May, just as winter is loosening its grip on the lake.

Lake Louise As Spring Takes Over
Lake Louise As Spring Takes Over

To Sail Or Not To Sail – Now What

As I noted in the earlier post, To Sail Or Not To Sail – What we Did On Our Summer Vacation, we have made the decision to explore the feasibility of retiring on a sailboat.  Having made that choice, we hit the first hurdle, which is simply put as “Now What”.

Our first step was to visit a sailing shop of some sort.  These are fairly rare when you live in an area without access to your typical sailing venues.  We are kind of landlocked with no big lakes close by, which is not really a good thing.  We did find a shop (Glenmore Sailboats) in Calgary and popped in for a visit.  Very friendly place and very willing to discuss sailing and live-aboard.  As first moves go, this turned out pretty well.  We asked questions, he answered.  We asked where people sailed in the area and he listed off 4 places.  These are Chestermere Lake, Glenmore Reservoir, Ghost Lake and Newell Lake, Alberta.  We now had some places to check out.  We asked about lessons and he recommended the sailing school at Glenmore Reservoir.  We asked about live-aboard and if people actually do what we were thinking.  The answer was a resounding yes.  He knew of many people who do it.  Some succeed, some don’t, which makes complete sense.  Preparation is key.

We left feeling pretty good about things, other than the answers creating even more questions.  I’ll leave that to later and concentrate on our next moves.  Lori arranged lessons on the reservoir through the Calgary Sailing School.  These were to start on June 1 and were on Lasers.  I’ll leave that experience for the next post.

Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary
Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At this point, we now know that we are going to seriously look at this, that it is doable as people do it all the time.  We immediately went into lala land and started casing out costs and boats.  I was shocked.  Check this one out.

Pretty impressive living space.  The pricing is amazing to.  Sailboats in this class can go for anywhere from $75-125,000.  The other part we looked at was living costs including maintenance.  This is where it gets hairy.  We have read that you can do this for anywhere between 500 and 5,000 a month.  Both ends I see as extreme and the most common number I see is 3,000.  The idea suddenly becomes a bit less crazy.

I’ll leave off here and take you to our adventures on Glenmore Reservoir on my next post.

A Nice Day For A Skate

We went for a skate the other day at Bowness Park in Calgary.  Unfortunately we couldn’t skate through the forest as that portion of the creek was closed due to thin ice.  We did skate on the lake for a while though.  Lots of fun.  Took the movie with my iPhone.

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