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Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 27

An interesting set, heavy on the Guess Who and alumni, all classic rock with a trivia question in waiting, so pay attention.

1. Guess Who

“Shakin’ All Over”

Cover of "American Woman: The Story of th...

Cover via Amazon

This is the trivia question.  The Guess Who’s singer at the outset was not Burton Cummings, it was Chad Allan.  This cover, released in the USA and Canada in 1965, by a band called The Guess Who? (yes a question mark). This was an attempt to disguise the real band and maybe to make it look like a British Invasion band.  The band’s name at the time was Chad Allan and the Expressions.  After the success of this song and the album it was on, the band was renamed permanently as the Guess Who.  Chad had some throat issues and was replaced by Burton Cummings (a Peter Best moment) and the rest is history.  Chad actually had 2 Peter Best moments as he was also part of a band with Randy Bachman called Brave Belt.  After he left the band, it became Bachman Turner Overdrive, and the rest is, once again, history.

2. Chilliwack

“Crazy Talk”

English: Bill Henderson (lead singer and guita...

English: Bill Henderson (lead singer and guitarist for Chilliwack) taken in Merritt, BC, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A bit of gibberish from one of Canada’s best classic rock bands.

3. Harlequin

“Thinking of You”

English: Harlequin year 1671 Italiano: Arlecch...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing on a very Winnipeg based set, we have a band I used to see regularly in bars all over Winnipeg.  Come to think of it, Winnipeg in the 70’s and 80’s was a crazy great place for live music.

4. BTO

“Roll On Down the Highway”

Bachman–Turner Overdrive Gold

Bachman–Turner Overdrive Gold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And some more Winnipeg.  The kings of classic rock with a live version of another anthem.

5. Burton Cummings

“My Own Way to Rock”

Burton Cummings of The Guess Who

Burton Cummings of The Guess Who (Photo credit: Protest Photos1)

And a final Winnipeg connection.  The smooth voice of Burton Cummings with another anthem from the 80’s.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 24

A great set if you like classic rock.  Max Webster is featured with 2 songs in the grouping.

1.  Max Webster

“Let Go the Line”

The Best of Max Webster

The Best of Max Webster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Max Webster was the starting point for 2 of Canada’s most brilliant songwriters, Kim Mitchell and Pye Dubois.  The band formed in 1973 and had a string of hits and gold albums until 1981.  The principals all went on to great solo careers.

Let Go The Line

2. Nickelback

“Worthy to Say”

Chad Kroeger on stage with Nickelback in Dubli...

Chad Kroeger on stage with Nickelback in Dublin May 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing to say, except they are from small town Alberta.  Major international stars, you either like them or you don’t.

Worthy to Say

3. Bachman Turner Overdrive

“Lookin Out for Number One”

Bachman-Turner Overdrive performing live in Ör...

Bachman-Turner Overdrive performing live in Örebro, Sweden 1991 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great song.  I always thought their early material was far superior.  Kind of like the jazzy sound they had before they went straight power chords.

Looking Out For Number One

4. Max Webster

“Night Flights”

Kim Mitchell, Bobcaygeon Arena - 2005

Kim Mitchell, Bobcaygeon Arena – 2005 (Photo credit: Steven Burke)

The second entry.  Both these songs were from the same album.  There will be more.

Night Flights

5. The Band

“King Harvest”

Bob Dylan and The Band - February 2, 1974

Bob Dylan and The Band – February 2, 1974 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Band is likely the best band to come out of our country.  Great music.  This video is absolutely spectacular.

King Harvest

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 11

In this edition of Canada’s essential 500 songs we have an acclaimed producer, writer, singer, 2 more classics from Canadian icons, and a couple of classic rockers, one from the 70’s and the other a bit more recent.  A pretty good set for you.

1. Daniel Lanois


Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois (Photo credit: Chris Musil)

Daniel Lanois is the acclaimed one noted above.  He has produced albums for Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Ron Sexsmith, Neil Young and Peter Gabriel.  This, in addition to writing and playing classics such as “Shine”.  As  you are listening to this tune, read the lyrics.  Good writer.

2. Burton Cummings

“Stand Tall”

Burton Cummings

Burton Cummings (Photo credit: Shayne Kaye)

Another classic from Burton Cummings.  Likely my favorite solo song by Burton Cummings.  It has echoes of the Guess Who classic “These Eyes”.

3. Simply Saucer

“Electro Rock”

Canadian punk legends from the mid 70’s, Simply Saucer join the list with their classic “Electro Rock.  Daniel Lanois produced some of their material back then as well.  Small world.

4. The Razorbacks

“It’s Saturday Night”

Another entry from The Razorbacks.  Kick back and enjoy as a Canadian band does rockabilly.

5. Neil Young


English: Neil Young in concert in Oslo, Norway...

A live version from 1973 of Neil’s classic of of Harvest.  What a talent, what an album.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 8

It is Sunday and time for the next 5 of Canada’s best music.  In this edition, we have an alternative/folk player, some classic rock and some unidentifiable pop.

1. Matthew Good

“I’m a Window”

Taken in Maple Ridge, outside of Matthew Good'...

A classic tune from one of Canada’s current day rock heroes.  This is a live acoustic version of I’m A Window, in 2007. 

2. Junkhouse


An Alt-Rock group from the 1990’s, Ontario’s Junkhouse enters my list with an excellent tune called “Shine”. 

3. Coney Hatch

“Stand Up”

Friction (Coney Hatch album)

Coney Hatch, from Toronto, is an 80’s classic rock band.  Moderately succesful, they released 3 albums during their run in the sun.Star on Canada's Walk of Fame for the rock ban...

A further entry to the list by Canada’s biggest selling band.  This is a live version of Bus Rider, performed by the original band on a reunion tour in 2001.  This song was actually a collaboration between Cummings and Kurt Winter.  Kurt and Greg Leskiw were tapped to replace Randy Bachman when he left the group.  Not that it took 2 players to replace him, just a change in philosophy as the band evolved, utilizing some additional flexibility.

5. The Headstones


Teeth and Tissue

A second entry by 90’s rockers, The Headstones.

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