Sailing Kootenay Lake

Not much wind, not much to do.  Had a full cockpit so didn’t raise the jib, likely should have.  Love the views.  Our SV is a 25 foot O’day from 1979.  Loving it.  Sorry it is on an iPhone so a pretty narrow shot.

Pilot Bay Lighthouse – Kootenay Lake, BC, Canada

Took a walk up to the Pilot Bay Lighthouse.  Easy trail, slightly uphill and well worn.  The lighthouse is wood and was used to note the entrance to the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.  It has not been used for many years and is the subject of a historical preservation society.  The light was visible for 30 miles in each direction on the lake.

Pilot Bay Lighthouse
Pilot Bay Lighthouse

This is the view of the lake from the top of the lighthouse.  Spectacular views everywhere in this part of the world.

View Into The West Arm Of The Lake

To Sail Or Not To Sail – BC Edition

Gospel Rock Panorama - Gibsons Landing, Sunshi...
Gospel Rock Panorama – Gibsons Landing, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada (Photo credit: Daniel Peckham)

And we are off.  Road trip from Calgary to Gibsons, BC, via Vancouver through the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Then we sail.  Four days of lessons on a 36 footer in Howe Sound, then a more road trip up the Sunshine Coast.  From there a ferry to Vancouver Island, then back to Vancouver and home.  Building more memories, the most important thing in life. Hope to post a few quick posts along the way.

Huge Bear Problem

English: A three-shot panorama of E. C. Mannin...
English: A three-shot panorama of E. C. Manning Provincial Park, part of the Cascade Range. I took the pictures with an Olympus FE-310 and edited with GIMP. The focal length of the camera was 6.2mm (31mm film equivalent). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pretty scary stuff.  Bear shows up during a commercial shoot at Manning Park in BC.

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Good Morning From Kaslo, BC

Got into Kaslo yesterday evening. Terrific drive and had a nice supper with a spectacular view.


Staying at a 3 room hotel called Beach Gables. More at this link

Hard to argue with a view like this out the room’s window.


New Denver, BC – Slocan Lake

A shot of the view of Slocan Lake at New Denver, British Columbia. Drove down to this area from Revelstoke on August 4. Beautiful drive with lots of terrific scenery.



You Never Know What You’ll See

In summer of 2012, we were doing our “To Sail Or Not To Sail” explorations and stopped in Blind Bay, BC for lunch.  Nice resort town on a bay on Shuswap Lake.  A beautiful, hot summer day, enjoying a cold one and a burger and then a plane blows by.  Love BC.

Love BC
Love BC
Had To Be Quick
Had To Be Quick

We did see a sailboat there, pretty much the only one we saw all day.  We stopped at a marina and were told, sailboats don’t work on this lake as there is never any wind.  Scratch a beautiful lake.

A Boat In The Bay
A Boat In The Bay

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I took this Corona moment out the window of a B&B in Kaslo, British Columbia.  We are looking at Kootenay Lake, which is one potential piece of paradise that we have found.

Kaslo, BC
Kaslo, BC
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