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Remembering Tony Sheridan

Tony Sheridan, Live

Tony Sheridan, Live (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tony Sheridan, an early Beatle (Ok the Beat Brothers), he is one of only 2 men (the other being Billy Preston) to be credited on a Beatle song, and the only person to sing lead on a Beatle single, passed away on February 16, 2013. All the stories have been told, so no point in rehashing them.  Suffice to say that the Beatles first album was released as “My Bonnie” by Tony Sheridan and the Beatles.  The band’s name was changed to Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers as the word Beatles sounded too much like the German word for penis.  I wonder how they dealt with that as the Beatles became more and more famous.

He was an original rock & roll artist, but migrated to more of a jazz player as his career continued.  He continued recording right up to 2008.  Here is a sampling of his work.

Shake It Some More, recorded in 1966.

With The Beatles

Some more recent material

Song Of The Day – Harry Manx – “Diving Duck Blues”

Harry Manx

Harry Manx (Photo credit: mhwlng)

Another beauty from CKUA in Alberta.  Some mornings i just don’t want leave the car.

Harry Manx – “Diving Duck Blues”

Harry Manx Home


Trivia Question of the Day

Who was the first African-American recording artist?

The last Question answered

Q. Who was the first musical guest on Saturday Night Live?

A: Billy Preston.  He beat Janis Ian by 20 minutes.  Both were guests on the first show.

Ray Charles and Billy Preston – Very Cool

Backside Billy Preston - Late At Night

Billy Preston

Some rare footage of Billy Preston, a great keyboardist in his own right (Get Back – The Beatles), performing Agent Double O Soul with Ray Charles.  Awesome.  You have to be amazed by Ray’s feel for what Billy is doing, although I am thinking that the green suit may have been a bit much for him.  Enjoy.

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