Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

The challenge this week is love.  So much to think about.  I love travel, sailing, Lori, my sons, blogging, family.  After some heavy thought, I decided that the winning category is beer.  The photo that best describes beer is these shots I took in Bruges, Belgium.  Every beer brewed in Belgium, and it’s special glass, has been put on display in a liquor store in Bruges.  HMMMMMMM Beeeeeeerrrr!!!!!

Wall 1
Wall 1
Wall 2
Wall 2
Wall 3
Wall 3


A Post From One Of My Favourite Travel Blogs

Bruges (Photo credit: Med PhotoBlog)

Dean is a good friend from our Saskatchewan days.  His parents are very close friends of ours.  He has a somewhat similar sense of travel and adventure that we do and he also writes a very entertaining blog about his travels.  He was recently in Brugge and wrote a great post.  I enjoyed it a lot as we have been there as well.  Do yourself a favour, grab a coffee (or glass of wine) and read about their adventure exploring the movie settings of In Brugge.  Good flick, highly recommend it. Then keep exploring his other posts.

As an aside, it amazes me at how many ways you can see Brugge spelled.

On Bruges

Places We Have Been – Brugges, Belgium  (joebeans2002.wordpress.com)

Places We Have Been – Brugges, Belgium

We spent a day and a half in Brugges back in 2008.  What inspired us to go there?  The first reason, its reputation as the Venice of the north, second, the recommendations of Lori’s cousins in England, and third, the movie “In Brugges”.  We went to see the movie during the planning stages of the trip while investigating where to go, and determined that it was definitely a place to see.  The plan became an excursion through southwest England, then through the Chunnel to France, driving into Brugges and continuing by train into Amsterdam.

Upon arriving in Brugges, we dumped our stuff at the B&B we were staying at and headed out.  Beautiful place.  Here is a couple of pictures to give you the feel.

A Canal in Brugges

The entire medieval city is lined with canals.

Another look at a cnal

We continued on and eventually we made it to the square.  This was a focal point in the movie, and is definitely the focal point of the city.  It is huge, and very alive.  This is our first look as we came upon it.

The Square opens up in front of us

We entered the square and looked about, then went off for lunch.  Very enjoyable.  The three major things that Belgium is known for are pictured below.

Belgian Waffle

Belgian Waffles,


And of course, Beer.  This particular beer is Zot.  It is a local brew.  One of the best we’ve ever had.

We headed back to the square area and did some more touring.  Very exhausting.  The square is surrounded by restaurants and bars.  I found one to my liking and stopped off for another refreshing beverage.  Surprisingly, not a beer, but a wonderful hot chocolate.  This the third thing Belgium is famous for, chocolate.

Hot Chocolate mmmmmm.
Sidewalk café

We left and continued our tour.  Then, suddenly and without warning, we walked into my version of heaven.  Something so spectacular, I needed three pictures to get it all in.

Wall 1
Wall 2
Wall 3

Yes, an entire wall of beer.  Each beer is brewed in Belgium and each has its own special glass. Mind boggling.  I was completely shocked to notice that there was a bar here, and, being completely overwhelmed and weak in the knees, we had stop and rest.  Actually, seeing all this put a pretty big smile on my face.

Recovering from our shock

After doing a bit more sight-seeing, all that was left was supper.  We located a dining spot that could accommodate our entire group and had a fabulous supper (evening in general).  There is much that can be said about good, as in good friends, good food, good drink and good times.

The Good Times

It’s all good.

My Reasons to Travel….As Often As Possible – Number 3 – The Food

Insalata caprese, made from mozzarella, tomato...
Caprese Salad

Let’s face facts, we all love to eat.  As Canadians, we are very lucky in the variety and styles of cooking that one can sample without leaving the country. Having said that, I find it far more exciting to actually eat an Italian dish when in Italy.  Seems more logical to eat a Caprese salad in Capri than to pick one up at the local Sobeys.  I have yet to find buffalo mozzarella, olive oil or roma tomatoes that are even close to what we ate in Italy,  the same yet vastly different.  Eating catfish in New Orleans, English breakfast in England, pannenkoek in Holland, Belgian chocolate in Belgium, pasta in Sorrento, pizza in Rome.  I could go on, as both Lori and I have no issue whatsoever sampling what is local, and jump at the chance to try new foods.  Here are some of our prize meals.

Breakfast in Brighton, UK
Lunch in Cosat Maya, Mexico
Lunch in Rome
Supper in Sorrento, Italy

Europe’s Picturesque Towns

Brugges, the "Venice of the North" i...
Brugges - Venice of the North

Ran across this article a few weeks ago and wanted to share.  The gist is a rating of the 9 most picturesque towns in Europe.  I found it interesting as I had actually been to two of them, Bath, UK and Brugges, Belgium.  They were definitely impressive.  The Roman Baths in Bath were worth the trip and Brugges, what can you say.  Sitting along the square, drinking a Zot beer or a devilishly good hit chocolate is etched in my memory, not to mention thinking of Colin Farrell’s scene in “In Bruges” with the large American about to climb the tower.

Check it out, how many have you been to.

Roman Baths in Bath, UK
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