Taking A Bath

Way back in 2008, Lori and were on a road-trip through parts of Southwestern England.  We spent a day and a night in this beautiful city on the Avon. Bath, UK is best known for its Roman Baths, from which the city took its name.


This is a shot from poolside.  The water is a mineral hot spring.  Not bad shape for 2000 years old.


This a view from a bit higher up.


Like most cities in Europe, it has a fine cathedral.


Not to mention some distinctly English architecture.  We had an enjoyable day and evening here, with family and friends.  Look forward to passing through again someday.

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Europe’s Picturesque Towns

Brugges, the "Venice of the North" i...
Brugges - Venice of the North

Ran across this article a few weeks ago and wanted to share.  The gist is a rating of the 9 most picturesque towns in Europe.  I found it interesting as I had actually been to two of them, Bath, UK and Brugges, Belgium.  They were definitely impressive.  The Roman Baths in Bath were worth the trip and Brugges, what can you say.  Sitting along the square, drinking a Zot beer or a devilishly good hit chocolate is etched in my memory, not to mention thinking of Colin Farrell’s scene in “In Bruges” with the large American about to climb the tower.

Check it out, how many have you been to.

Roman Baths in Bath, UK
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