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I Cannot Tell A Lie, I Got Some Liebsters (And A Song By Parov Stelar)

Thought For The Day


What if farting was contagious like yawning?


A quick note to thank a couple of blogs I have followed lately for bestowing the World Famous Liebster Award to me.  I am a bit of a party pooper (hmm, my thoughts are pretty potty today) though, as I will happily acknowledge the receipt, but am far to lazy to pass it on.


First The Grimm Report.  Love this one, very good sense of humour and one I love to pop in on regularly. Check this one out.


Second The Ratchet Review.  Another recent addition to my reading day.  Lots of quick posts, very nicely done, with plenty of humour.  Worth the time to pop in and say hi.


Parov Stelar

Parov Stelar (Photo credit: Misantrofia)


And now a song.  I heard this on the TV the other night, no idea what show (we were drinking a touch of wine).  Blew me away.  Bought the album, very happy guy.  The artist is Parov Stelar, the song The Paris Swing Box.



Time to Tidy Up The Place and Humbly Accept Awards

It’s been a while since I last tidied up the odds and ends and things outstanding, and I have a few minutes. Here goes.

1. Evea at Anthony’s Ramblings hit me up with my first Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I enjoy this blog and thank Evea for recognizing me. I enjoy the posts and I can now say I have a blogging friend in South Africa.

2. The Blog Of Funny Names made up 2 awards for me (which are special because no one else has them). Hit the link to see them.

3. Life In The Drivethru bestows a Sunshine Award on me. This blog is great, but seems to have gone dark, no posts since June 3. To bad if it ends, very funny.

4. SightsnBytes, one of my daily stops, was kind enough to nominate me for a One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks Sights, love Newfoundland.

As per my normal, I nominate anyone and everyone for these awards, except my awards from The Blog Of Funny Names. You cannot have those.

Now a bit of music. A Gripping Life popped up a post on album covers today and it made me think of the inside cover of Tres Hombres by ZZ Top, which also made me think of La Grange.

So without further adieu (Canada is bilingual, so I slip in some French here and there) here is La Grange.

The Week That Was

I don’t know how your week went, but mine was pretty good, with a bit of not so good.  Where to start, where to start.  I know, how about with some of the good stuff.

Lori and I have embarked on some hardline retirement planning.  Yep we are getting up there and it (retirement) is getting to be much more of a focus.  We have some ideas, which, if they work out will make life very interesting.

The second great thing this week was being named the winner of El Guapo’s world-famous Friday Foolishness poll.  I was surprised that no one else picked Bob, I mean it is a natural for a roller-coaster name.

The next great thing was becoming a character in HE Ellis “Hellis in Bloggerland” extravaganza.  Apparently I love my iPod and we Canucks love salt water moose.  Poetic license is forgiven.  The cool thing here is that Lori and I had these cross in front of us on the highway between Saskatoon and Calgary a couple of weekends ago.  Coincidence, I think not!

Not something you want to see at 70 MPH

Two Salt Water Moose near Didsbury, Alberta.

Missed them

And if this wasn’t enough to make a great week, I had my first trivia winner, Lizziecracked, and I was named as a recipient of 2 awards.  Sightsnbytes hit me up with the One Lovely Blog Award, and Lifeinthedrivethru gave me a Sunshine Award.  Both of these blogs are great.  I have followed Sightsnbytes for some time now, and we were both in the above mentioned HE Ellis epic.  Lifeinthedrivethru is a recent discovery for me and i love the humor in this blog.  I will be doing a full acceptance post on both as they are firsts for me.  Thanks.

The only downside, for the second week in a row, our sailing lessons were cancelled.  The reservoir is extremely low as the City of Calgary wants to control the flow of water downstream as the record snow pack in the mountains melts and the massive rain this spring runs off.  Maybe next weekend.

Have a great Fathers Day to all you fathers, I’m going to.  I also hope to have a superb week again next week.

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