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Song of the Day – Boredom and Joy by Jets Overhead

"Jets Overhead, from left to right, Jocel...

“Jets Overhead, from left to right, Jocelyn Greenwood, Luke Renshaw, Antonia Freybe-Smith, Piers Henwood, and Adam Kittredge” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kind of an interesting tune, and a good video.

Jets Overhead are a Victoria, BC, Canada band formed in 2003, who play an alt-rock style.  Boredom and Joy is their 3rd album to go along with 2 EP’s.

Jets Overhead Home

Jets Overhead on Twitter

Jets Overhead on iTunes

Song Of The Day – The Echo Friendly – “Same Mistakes”

The Brooklyn Bridge, seen from Manhattan, New ...

The Brooklyn Bridge, seen from Manhattan, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Echo Friendly are a band out of Brooklyn, New York.  Jake Rabinbach and Shannon Esper are the key duo in the band.  This is a release from an upcoming album.  Kind of a cool song.

The Echo Friendly on Bandcamp

Same Mistakes

Talent Tuesday – New Canadian Releases – April 10, 2012

The Real Canadian Music Blog

Light week, but an interesting one.

First up is something that is very, very Canadian.  Two institutions team up to release a CD.  Gordon Pinsent (actor) and Greg Keelor (from Blue Rodeo) put together a CD called “Down And Out In Upalong”.  Very much in the singer songwriter genre, Pinsent handled the writing and Greg handles the playing.  Good tune for you to listen to.

“Night Light”

A new release from a new band Eight and a Half is up next.  Formed by a coalition of former members of Broken Social Scene and The Stills, they put out an alternative sound that, frankly, is pretty good.  The disc is titled “Eight and a Half” and the song highlighted is “Go Ego”, done live on the Strombo show.

The international pick of the week comes from one my all-time favourites, Bonnie Raitt.  The album, “Slipstream” is…

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Low Level Flight – Twitter Thursday

Low-Level FlightLow Level Flight is an alternative rock band out of Toronto.  They formed in 2006 and have released 2 albums to date, “Urgency” in 2007 and “Through These Walls”in 2011.  They have charted 4 singles in Canada.  This tune is not one of them, but is a pretty good song, pretty mellow, with some pleasant vocals.


A nice contrast to” Turnaround” is this next song.  They had great chart success with this one.  It hit #7 on the Canadian Alt charts.  Their sound reminds of a couple of UK bands, The Script and The Feeling.


The last song in this set is off their latest album and is titled “Cash Machine”.  This song shows a bit more edge than the previous two.

Cash Machine

Overall, I enjoyed listening to their material and look forward to further releases from the band.

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