Fish Creek Provincial Park – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Discovered this park in the centre of Calgary and will share a few photos.  A beautiful walk in an area surrounded by a million people.

A Dog Day Afternoon
A Dog Day Afternoon
Fish Creek Swimming Hole
Fish Creek Swimming Hole

Travelling Alberta – Vulcan

After a rather lengthy hiatus, it is time to get back on the beat.  Took a few months off to concentrate on some other things.  Had some fun, picked up on skiing again, made some decisions on the future and started to move forward on those plans.  One of those plans included a new vehicle, one that can pull a boat or a trailer.  Mission accomplished.  No trailer or boat, yet, but a very nice, sparkling new Nissan Pathfinder.  We intend to make use of it this summer while we work out the next part of our plans.

Making use of it will create a new offering, Travelling Alberta (or Saskatchewan, BC or wherever we end up).  The first instalment, a trip to Vulcan, Alberta.  Vulcan is a town of 2,000 people, 130 km south-east of Calgary on Hwy 23.  Why Vulcan.  Let’s think Star Trek.  Yes, little Vulcan has one the best Star Trek museums around.  Forgot to take a picture of the museum,, no snow the day we were there.  The name of this gem, the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Centre.

Visitor centre in the town of Vulcan, Alberta,...
Visitor centre in the town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Inside are many treasures, many donated by past cast members of the various franchises. The town holds an annual event “Spock Days” which highlights appearances by various cast members.  This year’s event goes from June 13 to June 15, 2014 and features Nana Visitor (Major Kira Nerys on Deep Space Nine) and Rene Auberjonois (Odo on Deep Space Nine).  Tickets for the event are available at this link.  A nice road trip for a shakedown cruise.  We did manage to remember to take a few pictures.

Bilingual Welcome Sign
Bilingual Welcome Sign


Enhanced by ZemantaThey know how to be friendly.  They have even built a replica of the Enterprise.

The Enterprise

And, after a quick coffee at the Town Cafe on Centre Street, we are off to Calgary.

Maligne Canyon – Jasper, Alberta

Maligne canyon is a must see sight in Jasper National Park.  Jasper Park is situated about 360 KM west of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and can be reached via the Yellowhead Highway (Hwy 16).

I took this shot many years ago (1991?) and is taken looking down into the canyon from the decking that goes through and around the site.  Very impressive place, but only one of many in the park.  On a personal level, Jasper is Banff without the crowds.  In comparison, it is far more natural and focused on preservation.  There is a great ski hill (Marmot Basin), and the standard resort amenities, but has unique charm that I enjoy when we visit.

Moligne Canyon
Maligne Canyon

Song Of The day – Corb Lund – “Dig Gravedigger Dig”

Corb Lund
Corb Lund (Photo credit: _Tawcan)


Alberta native Corb Lund is featured today (a few days late) as my Halloween choice for Song Of The Day.  Corb has been an Alberta favourite for many years.  Originally a punk rocker in the 1990’s, he moved to country/folk and has ridden success since.  I love the name of his band, The Hurtin’ Albertans.  He has 5 Juno nominations with 1 win and 25 Canadian Country Music association nominations with 11 victories.  This tune, “Dig Gravedigger Dig”is from his 2012 album “Cabin Fever”.   The song shows off his skill as a country singer and generates a pretty good official video.  As a commenter says, Canada’s version of Thriller.



Waterton Lakes, Alberta

Unfortunately, I wasn’t on this day trip (had to work), but Lori was, along with her brothers and Cec.  They caught Mama Bear and Baby Bear on the side of the road at Waterton Lake National Park.  Nice shot.

A bear and her cub near Waterton Lake, Alberta.
A bear and her cub near Waterton Lake, Alberta.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

This week we have “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways”.  An interesting concept.  With digital cameras, most pictures we take are multiple shots of the same vista, done in different ways.  This makes it very hard to come up with the perfect set.  We’ll give it a go though.

I took these shots at Waterton Lake, Alberta in Canada.  They are of a 1920’s vintage railway hotel known as the Prince Of Wales Hotel.  Quite a stunning site.  Waterton is part of the Canadian National Park System.  It straddles the Canada-USA border and borders Glacier National Park in Montana.  It was created in 1895m as Canada’s 4th national park.  It was October when we were there and it was not a classic weekend weatherwise.  Added to the photos though.

Prince of Wales Hotel
Prince of Wales Hotel

Waterton Lake


To Sail Or Not To Sail – Ghost Lake, Alberta

Ghost Lake
Ghost Lake (Photo credit: Bods)

We last left off awaiting Lori’s post on the Glenmore reservoir Sailing School adventure.  As we awaited, I posted about our small road trip to Lake Newell.  Well, I guess we are still awaiting, so I will move on to our next investigation, Ghost Lake, near Cochrane, Alberta.

The lake is a reservoir on the Bow River, withing spitting distance of the Rockies.  We found it had spectacular views, a large community of boats, a sailing school and plenty of mooring availability.  In other words, it ticked most of our boxes.  What it is missing is the ability to go on week-long adventures, as in, no down lake areas to moor or anchor.  Very beautiful, only that this is all there is.  Scratch Ghost Lake.

Didn’t take to many decent pictures, but here is a video of crazy Canucks sailing Ghost Lake in November.

To Sail Or Not To Sail – Lake Newell

When we last left off, we were about to take our first lessons at the Glenmore Reservoir here in Calgary.  Lori asked to write this and now, months and months later, I have given up and am moving on out of sequence.  After our Glenmore adventure, we determined that we may need a spot to practise with a cheap 20 footer, or something of that ilk.  Basically, we are full of ideas, but no plan, kind of winging it as we go.  We had asked around and we were told of another reservoir near Brooks, Alberta that offered space and consistent winds.  Many people had boats here, and it was reasonably close to Calgary.  So, off we went to investigate.

We quickly determined it was a lake of some substance, just not the prettiest lake.  This is quite common on the prairies.

IMG_1307We also determined that some pretty good size boats were out here.


Unfortunately, we also determined that the lake was not what we were looking for.  It definitely had few surprises for wind as it was a good-sized body of water with few impediments on shore to disrupt the wind.  This was also a negative as were looking for a place that could give us with enough variety and nooks and crannies to keep us occupied on overnight trips.  This was not a feature of Newell Lake.  Can’t win them all.  We will continue the search in our next instalment.


Lake Louise – The List

Living in Calgary means being close to one of the icons of travel, Lake Louise and of course, the classic picture of one standing on the edge with the majestic view behind you.  We have now been there many times with guests and have taken the picture on multiple occasions.  So, without much fanfare, I have compiled the Lake Louise Post of Fame.  I will add to this on each opportunity (or as I find old pictures).  I also encourage our friends and relatives to contribute their own photos to the cause and I will update the Post of Fame.

The newest photo.

Janice and Kirk – July 2012
My post, we get to be first
Jason & Tera
Jeff & Charmaine
Lori & Ethel
Lauren – The Ice Princess
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