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Song Of The Day – “Watch Out For The Fuzz” – Howie Beck

Just a tune, on vacation in the Kootenays, but it is flipping raining.  Can’t do much sailing in the rain.  Howie Beck with some great Adult “Alternative” for you, whatever Adult Alternative is.  Just good music from what I can tell.

Talent Tuesday – Canadian Releases – February 28, 2012

A bit different from last week, lots to choose from this week.

Teenage Kicks, a rock band out of Toronto released an album today titled “Be On My Side”.  They play an energetic rock style, utilizing all 5 members.  I definitely enjoyed the attached track.  This is their second album.  Stop by their home page.

Setting Son

English: Plants and Animals at the Montreal In...

Plants and Animals

Next up is a new album from Plants and Animals titled “The End Of That”.  They are and indie/ alternative band out of Montreal, with some Halifax added to the mix.  They have recorded since 2005, this being their 5th release.  The following is off the album.  Good tune, consider it downloaded.

Song For Love

Singer songwriter Rose Cousins released “We Have Made A Spark” today.

The early show at High Noon Saloon

Born in Prince Edward Island, Rose has carved a nice place in Canadian folk music.  This album is her 5th release.  I have attached a live version of “All The Time It Takes To Wait”.  The music starts at the 1:24 mark.  Very nice song.  She is with Royal Wood at the piano.

All The Time It Takes To Wait

My last Canadian release this week comes from Toronto band Memoryhouse.


Memoryhouse (Photo credit: : : Kasper)

The band has released their first full length disc this week titled “The Slide Show Effect”.  Interesting sound as shown in the attached video.  This is a live version of “Punctum”, which is on the album.


My last song for this weeks new releases is not a new release.  I heard this song the other day and I hit instant like.  The band is Graffiti6 and the song is titled, simply, “Free”.  Great tune.  The song is off the recent release called “Colours”.  They are out of London in the UK and are breaking out in a big.  It seems their music is everywhere on TV now.  Songs have been featured on CSI: NY, Grey’s Anatomy, Football Wives, One Tree Hill and Covert Affairs.  An early candidate for the top 10 of 2012.


Talent Tuesday – Canadian Releases – February 21, 2012

English: Joel Plaskett performing at the 2007 ...

The week was slow, so slow that I cannot post a new album.  Instead. I will update Joel Plaskett‘s project for the CBC.  The challenge given him was to write and record an album from scratch, in 10 weeks.  He would write and record 1 song a week until he was done.  This is song 6, song 7 was released today.  The album is called “Scrappy Happiness”.

“Somewhere Else”

Joel is one of those players whose work is under rated by many people.   You could do worse than check out more of his work.

Talent Tuesday – Canadian Releases – February 14, 2012

A slow week for releases here in the Great White North (snowed here today).

The band playing in downtown St John's

Hey Rosetta!

The first band we will take a look at is “Hey Rosetta!“, who released an EP today titled “Sing Sing Sessions”.  This is a set from this group of very talented musicians from Newfoundland.  Just a bunch of Canadians doing what they like to do, play.  The EP is a selection of the bands past songs done  acoustically.  I think you will agree, good stuff.


The second artist (and final) for the week is Toronto singer/song-writer Emma-Lee.  This is her 2nd album release and is titled “Unsung Heroine”.  Listening to the featured song, I am taken by the strength in the structure of the song.  She has a great voice, and, if she keeps writing material as strong as this, she could easily become a force on the Canadian music scene.

Not Coming By

My International pick of the week is Paul McCartney and his new  album “Kisses On The Bottom”.  It is Valentines Day so enjoy Sir Paul’s song from the album “My Valentine”.

My Valentine

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 6

Lets take a look at 5 more Canadian songs.  In this selection we have a crooner, a smooth as silk jazz artist, some classic rock, an alternative band and, for the first time in this series, a Quebec artist.

1. Jean Leloup“1990”Jean Leloup Commons: Jean Leloup par Victor Di...

Quebec has a thriving music scene, although it is in French, which makes the lyrics a bit hard to follow, the music itself is universal.  2. Michael Buble“Save the Last Dance”English: Michael Buble walks the Red Carpet at...

Michael Buble has been one of the biggest music stars in the world for the past 10 years or so.  Great voice.  3.  Jerry Doucette“Mama Let Him Play” Superb classic rock with an excellent guitar solo.  4. Diana Krall“Better Than Anything”Portrait of Diana Krall at Toronto Indigo Chap...

Great singer, married to Elvis Costello, who is now an honorary Canadian.  The video is a duet with Natalie Cole.  5. Three Days Grace“Animal I Have Become”Pain (Three Days Grace song)

Something for the metal fans.  Great song!  This band has been around for a while now and continue to deliver solid songs and great performances.  This is their second entry to the list. 

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 5

Time to bring in the New Year with some more of Canada’s best music.  In this grouping we find 4 classic Canadian acts, including Bryan Adams second entry, a song by a Canadian institution and a newer rock group who have set some low expectations with their name and exceed them.

;Bryan Adams live in the Color Line Arena, Ham...

1.  Bryan Adams

“Heart’s on Fire”

A live version of another Bryan Adams classic. always electric.

2. Burton Cummings

“I’m Scared”

Burton Cummings of The Guess Who

Burton Cummings

The voice of one of the greatest bands ever, the Guess Who, Burton Cummings.  He had a fairly successful solo career after the band broke up.  This is a nice ballad that focuses on his piano work and, of course, the voice.

3. Gino Vannelli

“Wild Horses”

Canadian singer Gino Vanelli performing in Ams...

Gino Vannelli

A great singer out of Montreal, he had a terrific run in the 80’s and 90’s with a string of hits.  He still tours and is well worth the price of admission.

4. Lowest of the Low

“The Eternal Fatalist”

Lowest of the Low

Great song, nuff said.

5. Toronto

“Daddy Don’t Know”

Some hard-driving classic rock from my youth.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 4

Sam Roberts Band playing Lollapalooza in 2007

Sam Roberts

Welcome back to the list of Canada’s best music.  This entry includes some current stars, a classic rocker and a pair of icons, one of whom you may not have realized was Canadian based on music history and cultural impact.  Let’s start with the video.

1. Sam Roberts

“Canadian Dream”

This is the first entry in the list for Sam Roberts.  The band is a current favourite and has an extensive following.

2. The Guess Who

“Running Back to Saskatoon”

Another Canadian icon makes its first entry to the series.  This song has always been one of my favourites for several non-musical reasons.  First I am originally from Winnipeg, where they hail from, and second Saskatoon is my second home, lived there for 15 years.

3.  David Wilcox

“Riverboat Fantasy”

David Wilcox, love this guy.  The prototypical live guitar player.  Writes some very interesting lyrics and simply loves to play live.  We saw him play at Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary on Canada Day and it was just nuts.  Lots of fun when this guy cuts loose.

4.  Neil Young

“This Note’s for You”

Bet you didn’t know Neil Young was a Canuck did ya.  The first time on the list, this tune rocks.

5.  Our Lady Peace


A second entry in the first twenty songs posted.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 3

;Bryan Adams live in the Color Line Arena, Ham...

This time out we have a bit more country/bluegrass, my first entry from a Canadian icon, some classic rock and a Christmas collaboration used for a fundraiser.

1. Eagle and Hawk

” NDN Cars”

A North American native anthem, the only version I can find on YouTube that wasn’t crap was the attached by Keith Secola.  Although not a Canadian, I will allow this as a pseudo-Canadian version.  My post, my call.

2. 5440


A Canadian classic, this is also a first entry, there will be more by this band.  One of our best bands, they never got the recognition they deserved.

3. Various Artists (Northern Lights)

“Tears Are Not Enough”

Part of the “We Are The World” famine relief efforts in the 1980’s, this song was Canada’s contribution.  The song, written by Bryan Adams, and features such artists as Neil Young, Geddy Lee, Burton Cummings and Anne Murray, a who’s who of Canadian artists at that time.

4. Bryan Adams

“It’s Only Love”

The first entry by a Canadian icon, this song was a major hit with Tina Turner.  The version I have inserted is a live one, recorded in Lisbon, Portugal and highlights the energy he can create on stage.  Oh, and Keith Scott is great on guitar.

5. Headstones


A 90’s band, they settle nicely into the classic rock genre.  A very successful group in their time.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 2

Don't Call Me Baby (Kreesha Turner song)

Today brings 5 more Canadian songs that I would like to share.  The mix this time out includes some bluegrass/country with the Good Brothers, some modern pop with Justin Bieber (sorry, but he is Canadian), some classic rock with the Ian Thomas Band (Dave Thomas of Strange Brew‘s brother), some hip hop/dance with Kreesha Turner and some out and out rock and roll with Billy Talent.  As always, please follow-up on these people using the links, and on YouTube.

1.  The Good Brothers

     “Fox on the Run”

Some mighty fine picking on this live version of the song.  These guys have been around a LOOOONNG time, their first album was out in 1967 and they are still recording and touring.

2.  Billy Talent

  “Try Honesty”

Another hard-working band that made it big world-wide, Billy Talent has recorded since 1999 and together in one form or the other since 1987.  Great song.

3.  Ian Thomas Band

“The Runner”

A couple of things on Ian Thomas.  First, he is the brother of Dave Thomas of SCTV fame, and Mackenzie brother fame, the hoser.  Second, you may recognize the song as a Manfred Mann song.  Not so, Manfred Mann’s version was a cover of the 1980 original.

4. Justin Bieber


Catchy, other than that – No comment.

5. Kreesha Turner

“Don’t Call Me Baby”

As if in response to Justin.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 1

Shania Twain, live in Wembley, UK

Shania Twain

As people may have noticed, I am an unabashed supporter of Canada and Canada’s music scene.  I have begun this series to highlight Canadian music history and will do this 5 songs at a time.  I hope you enjoy the music and find some new favourites and rediscover some old ones.  I encourage you to click on the links and learn about the bands, and listen to more of their material.

Interesting collection this week, from country to alternative to a scintillating live rock performance.

1.  Our Lady Peace

“Somewhere Out There”

2.  Shania Twain

“Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under”

3.  Three Days Grace

“Never Too Late”

4.   Simple Plan

“Welcome to My Life”

5.  Death From Above 1979

“Romantic Rights”

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