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Hockey Night In Chicago

The United Center in Chicago, Illinois, home o...

The United Center in Chicago, Illinois (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was watching (as Canadians do) an NHL game from Chicago between the Blackhawks and the Winnipeg Jets.  During the game, something happened that I had never seen before.  No, not the hit, or the glass popping out or the beer being thrown at the opposition player.  Believe it or not, a fairly inebriated fan reached in and ripped the helmet off Adam Pardy‘s head (I’ve also seen fans grab equipment before) and, this is the crazy part, put the helmet on.  As the announcer says, if you’re going to steal something, don’t wear it.  A classic NHL moment that will play on sport shows for years.

I Love the CBC

CBC Television

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A Happy Canada Day from what may be the dumbest news organization on the planet.  A poll, conducted by an Ontario University (funded by my tax dollar I assume)  lists Canadian cities in order of their Canuckiness.  Guess how many are West of Sudbury.  If you said none, you would be correct.  Apparently true Canadians only live in eastern Canada, as in Ontario.  The measurements used are interesting as well.  They used the number of breweries, the number of Tim Hortons outlets and the number of maple syrup producers per 100,000 residents and included a measurement for hockey teams (all) and,of course, bilingualism.  I love the comments as well.  By the way, thank you CBC for pointing out what poor Canadians we are out here in the West by not creating maple syrup and not having enough bilingual people.

North Korea is in Charge of World Disarmament

Members of CD (Conference on Disarmament).

Nations of the UN Conference on Disarmamnet Image via Wikipedia

From the very foolish file comes this tidbit.  Believe it or not, North Korea has taken over the chairmanship of, get this, the UN Conference on Disarmament.  I have no idea where this comes from but it is on par with the United Nation’s endorsement of Iran’s proposed anti-terrorism conference in Tehran.  The world is going crazy in a hurry or am I missing something logical in here.

Now I Believe Everything They Say About UBB

Category:Telecommunications company logos

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Thanks Bell Canada, thanks for strengthening my disbelief at anything you have said, or will say, about UBB.  They have been fined 10 million smackeroos for misleading advertising about pricing of their services.  I assume the 10 million will be made up by an increase in my cell rates to pay for, let’s see, network upgrades, or carbon credits or some other fictitious reason.

Brian Burke Disses Winnipeg and Their Hockey Future

Brian Burke, the current General Manager and P...

Brian Burke - Thinking up Insults - Image via Wikipedia

You have to admire Brian Burke‘s hockey acumen.  His work with the Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks was outstanding (the Toronto Maple Leafs, not so much, but then who cares).  His biggest issue is his mouth.  He continually shoots from the lip with no regard to how people perceive him.  Still thinks he’s with the Canucks, I guess.  At any rate, he dissed Winnipeg‘s ability to keep their hard fought new team.

My Name is “2 Calgary Men”, and We Are Fools

Read this article in the Calgary Herald.  These two gentlemen definitely qualify for the prestigious Fool Award.  The headline says it all, but I especially enjoyed the final sentence.  All at once everybody, say “Do You Think!!!”

Anthony Weiner, The End in a Nutshell

Anthony Weiner

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Anthony Weiner finally did the right thing.  In what sounded like a speech for re-erecting his career, he resigned.  CNN has gone nuts over this story and reported on his press conference (Weiner Roast?)  They sum up the entire sordid tale in a nutshell (aka Boxer shorts).  It appears at this point that he will spend no time in a penal institution, so no rock pounding.

All kidding aside, he is doing the right thing by quitting.  His credibility is effectively gone.


Donald Trump and Obama Agree on Something

Donald Trump‘s latest video has some further thoughts on everyone’s favourite hot dog, Anthony Weiner.  To the Donald’s amazement, he finds common ground with Barack Obama.

Donald Trump Discusses Anthony Weiner

The Donald has some opinions on Anthony Weiner‘s penchant for Twitter and texting.  As usual he says what he (and a lot of people) think of the situation and sums up brilliantly.  Is Mr. Weiner going to give it up or continue to try and be credible where there is zero possibility of being considered credible ever again.  He is now being investigated  by police for texts to a 17 year old.  It keeps getting bigger and crazier.

My Name is Anthony Weiner, and I’m a Fool

I could have easily posted this in my _gate series, (this is being called weinergate), but I lost interest in that series.  Besides, he is being very foolish.  As he is a controversial political figure, I was not going to touch this, then he called the cops on a reporter for asking him a question.  Makes sense to me, call a cop to arrest someone doing their job, but not on the hacker who set him up.  Or his other story, it was a prank.  He has already said he doesn’t want an investigation into the hacking, even though it is a serious felony to hack a government officials account of any type.  The FBI should be all over this claim as a potential national security breach.   Anthony Weiner is definitely a fool.



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