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Song Of The Day – Serena Ryder – For You

English: Serena Ryder performing at Showbox, S...

English: Serena Ryder performing at Showbox, Seattle 4-26-09 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Heard this on CBC2 today during an interview she was doing and had to post it.  Serena Ryder is the next big thing.  The vocals on this are amazing, almost Adele, yet different, kind of like Aretha, yet different, and a dash of Amy Winehouse.  This is the exact performance I heard.  Sit back and enjoy “For You”.  Oh, and get the album “Harmony”, you will not regret it.


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Song Of The Day – John Hiatt – “Cry Love”

English: John Hiatt performing at South by Sou...

English: John Hiatt performing at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2010. Photo by Ron Baker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thought I’d drop in with a song.  Summer hit Calgary, had to push away.  Heard this on CBC the other day.  Classic John Hiatt, but then what isn’t.



Song of the Day – Jenn Grant – “I’ve Got Your Fire”

English: Jenn Grant performing at the New Capi...

English: Jenn Grant performing at the New Capital Music Hall in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today’s tune, “I’ve Got Your Fire” is by Prince Edward Island born, Halifax based singer song writer, Jenn Grant.  I seem to be posting a lot of Canadian maritime singers and bands lately, which is indicative of a thriving music scene in this beautiful part of Canada. She is a recording veteran now with 2 EP’s and 4 albums since 2005, including her latest, “The Beautiful Wild” in 2012.  The featured song is off that album.  In all honesty, when CBC began playing this several months ago, I didn’t care for it all that much, but, it eventually grew on me.  Give it a listen and tell me what you think.


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Song Of The Day – Ron Sexsmith – “Snake Road”

Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sexsmith (Photo credit: kfjmiller)


Back from a “find the sun” weekend.  Man, what a crap summer this has been.  Enough whining, back to the business at hand, a song.  In this case a Canadian singer with huge world-wide influence, Ron Sexsmith.  Thirteen albums since 1991, recording since he was 21, first band at 14, huge stable of musical admirers.  These include, Chris Martin, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Elvis Costello.  His songs have been recorded by many as well.  His tune “Secret Heart” has been recorded by Feist, Rod Stewart and Nick Lowe, pretty diverse group.  Heard this tune while city in my usual discovery place, the driver seat of my car on the way to work (love Shazam, best app ever), and loved it.The song is from his latest album “Forever Endeavour”.  Nicely crafted song.  Enjoy.


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Song Of The Day – Mo Kenney – “The Great Escape”

Mo Kenney

Mo Kenney (Photo credit: joeri-c)


A nice mellow song for a nice mellow Sunday.  Canadian singer songwriter Mo Kenney performs her song “The Great Escape” live at the CBC studio.  The tune comes from her self-titled debut album, released in 2012.  Born in Nova Scotia in 1990, she has a great future, especially if she continues to collaborate with one of my favourites, Joel Plaskett, who produced her record.  Have a great Sunday.


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Random Songs From My Phone – Eliza Doolittle – “So High”

Eliza Doolittle performing at the Q-Music studios

Eliza Doolittle performing at the Q-Music studios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Quirky English singer Eliza Doolittle moved her way into my music world with the release of her self titled first album  The song that originally caught my interest was “Pack Up” and I believe it made my year’s top 10 in 2011.  Eliza (real name Eliza Caird) released the record in 2010 and is working on her follow-up.  This song is a great ballad that showcases her voice and her talent as an up and coming song writer.  Enjoy your Friday.



Song Of The Day – Alejandro Escovedo – “Big Station”

Alejandro Escovedo performing in Austin Texas,...

Alejandro Escovedo performing in Austin Texas, May 1, 2007. Photo by Steve Hopson. See more photos at Use of this photo requires attribution. Please credit, Steve Hopson Photography, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Another of my many finds on CBC2 here in Canada.  Alejandro Escovedo released his latest album “Big Station” in 2012.  This song, also titled “Big Station” is off this record. Alejandro is no stranger to the world of music as he has recorded 14 albums dating back to 1992.  Born in Texas and the child of Mexican immigrants, he cut his recording teeth with several punk bands way back in the 80’s.  Great singer-songwriter, well worth the effort to check out his material.


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Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 31

Today’s list makes a change.  Time to go to a countdown.  Only 350 songs to go. The play-list includes both classic rock and a classic player.  Yes, the great one, Neil Young, makes another appearance here.  It also includes Skinny Puppy, which is a new one on me.

346. Skinny Puppy

“Pro-Test Song”

Skinny Puppy live!

Skinny Puppy live! (Photo credit: Bernt Rostad)

Skinny Puppy was a Vancouver based electronic band, formed in 1982.  They have recorded 15 albums, including a new one “Weapon” this year.

347. Spoons

“Romantic Traffic”

Romantic Traffic

Romantic Traffic (Photo credit: stevec77)

The band, Spoons, hail out of Burlington and were your prototypical 80’s synth-pop hair band that were everywhere back then.  This song was one of their bigger hits and was recorded in 1984, only hitting 55 on the Canadian Billboard chart.

348. Trooper

“Two for the Show”

Trooper have played since 1965.  I have seen them on two occasions.  Once sitting in the front row at a bar in Winnipeg way back in the day, the second, about 10 years ago at the Brier (Canada’s Men’s Curling Championship) in Saskatoon.  Don’t really remember either performance that well.  This song was recorded in 1976.

349. Corey Hart

“Never Surrender”

Singles (Corey Hart album)

Singles (Corey Hart album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corey Hart was never my favourite, other than “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night” which was kind of cool. To me, he epitomized pretty much everything that I didn’t like about 80’s music.  I am sure there will be some disagreement on that, or maybe not.

350. Neil Young

“Only Love Can Break Your Heart”

English: Neil Young in Ruisrock Festival, Turk...

English: Neil Young in Ruisrock Festival, Turku, Finland 1996 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And now, The Master.  Enjoy!!  As an added bonus, live at the Fillmore East with Crosby Stills & Nash.

Song Of The Day – Justin Rutledge – “Out Of The Woods”

Justin Rutledge performing at Vancouver's St. ...

Justin Rutledge performing at Vancouver’s St. James Community Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Toronto artist, Justin Rutledge, has this little piece of smiliness playing on CBC2 on a fairly regular basis.  The song, “Out Of The Woods” comes from his 5th album, “Valleyhearts”, which he also produced.  His style is very reminiscent of Ryan Adams, somewhat emulating an alt-country style.  This song has a more pop feel to it, but still features strong lyrics and a familiar (somewhat military) drum beat.  All in all, a very enjoyable song, and very easy to listen to.

Justin Rutledge Home Page

Justin Rutledge on CBC Music

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Song Of The Day – Donovan Woods – “Put On Cologne”

Donovan Woods

Donovan Woods

I’m going to give you a 2fer today.  Donovan Woods is a Canadian singer-songwriter out of Sarnia. Ontario.  This song, “Put On Cologne” is off his 3rd album, “Don’t Get Too Grand”.  I say a 2fer as I found a live version that I thought was very good and put it up first, followed by a studio version.  I really enjoyed the live version, great voice used by a very unpretentious artist in a very casual setting = GOLD.

Donovan Woods on Twitter

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The Live Version:

The Studio Version:


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