My Top 10 for 2013 – 6 to 10

Vampire Weekend
Cover of Vampire Weekend

Today we post the first 5 of my Top 10 for 2013.  The Canadian content in this group consists of a great song by Donovan Woods.  The Wire is likely the poppiest tune I have posted (or will post) but it is very catchy and becoming a huge hit.  Having said that, some “purists” will contest John Mayer being on any list.  I am a huge fan of his and greatly appreciate his abilities as both a songwriter and as an excellent guitarist.  Both are highlighted in Wildfire.  Enjoy!

10 “The Wire” by Haim

9 “Rumble and Sway” by Jamie N Common

8 “Wildfire” by John Mayer

7 “Put On, Cologne” by Donovan Woods

6 “Unbelievers” by Vampire Weekend

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Random Songs From My Phone – Eliza Doolittle – “So High”

Eliza Doolittle performing at the Q-Music studios
Eliza Doolittle performing at the Q-Music studios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Quirky English singer Eliza Doolittle moved her way into my music world with the release of her self titled first album  The song that originally caught my interest was “Pack Up” and I believe it made my year’s top 10 in 2011.  Eliza (real name Eliza Caird) released the record in 2010 and is working on her follow-up.  This song is a great ballad that showcases her voice and her talent as an up and coming song writer.  Enjoy your Friday.



Song Of The Day – Mavis Staples – “Can You Get To That”

Mavis Staples
Mavis Staples (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Song of the day returns with a gem.  CBC2 is playing the crap out of this new song (yes new) from 74-year-old Mavis Staples of The Staple Singers fame.  A great R&B/Gospel/Countryish tune that really gets you going.  Enjoy.  I’ll be doing some travel updating over the next few days, so much in the brain, so little time to spew it out.

Random Songs From My Phone – The Commitments – “Mustang Sally”

The Commitments (film)
The Commitments (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am adding a new feature to my Song Of The Day category.  I hit random on my iPhone and whatever song pops up is my Song Of The Day.  This feature joins my current group consisting of “Remembering”, “Canada’s Best Music”, “Let’s Explore The Blues” (which I’m resurrecting) and the “Song Of The Day” (which makes up everything else).


I couldn’t have chosen a better song to start this series.  The Commitments, filmed in 1991, follows the forming of a soul group in Dublin, Ireland.  It is unique in that the actors were chosen for their musical talent and not their acting ability.  Kind of like the Blues Brothers in that respect.  The result, a terrific movie and an absolutely great soundtrack.  The song that popped up was the Mack Rice classic, “Mustang Sally“.  The song has had a great life, being recorded by Wilson Pickett, Buddy Guy, The Rascals, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and many others.





Song Of The Day – Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird

Imaginary Cities

A quick song for you from a band out my home town, Winnipeg.  The song. Hummingbird, the group, Imaginary Cities.  The video, kind of cool.  Speaking of the peg, will be out there again this weekend so some slow blogging once again.  And an apology to people I normally drop in on, just to bloody busy, but I will catch up with you.  In the meantime enjoy another fine song courtesy of my morning drive and CBC2.

Imaginary Cities Home

Imaginary Cities on CBC

Imaginary Cities on iTunes

Imaginary Cities on Amazon

Imaginary Cities on YouTube


Song Of The Day – Jamie N. Commons – “Rumble and Sway”

Jamie N. Commons
Jamie N. Commons (Photo credit: wfuv)


A quick post to let you know I am still around.  Life does trump all from time to time, and recent weeks are one of those trump times.  Enjoy this cut, a CBC2 find once again, Jamie N. Commons performing the tune “Rumble and Sway, live on Conan.  Could be a big one.




Song Of The Day – Allen Stone – “Sleep”

Allen Stone
Allen Stone

Soul R&B singer, Allen Stone recorded this gem in 2011 and widely released in 2012.  Sleep can be found on his album “Allen Stone”. I have a big weak spot for everything blues/R&B/soul and he hits the sweet spot.

He has a gospel background, which pops up in his writing and style, and lists people like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the Meters as his influences.  He currently resides in Seattle, and is on tour in Europe as I write this.

Allen Stone Home

Allen Stone on Twitter

Allen Stone on iTunes


Remembering Jimmy Jones

01 - Jimmy Jones
01 – Jimmy Jones (Photo credit: Bradford Timeline)


Singer Songwriter Jimmy Jones died on August 2, 2012.  He was 75.  He was a Sam Cooke style singer, with a great falsetto.  He is best known for his huge hit from 1960 “Handy Man“, which reached number 2  in 1960.  His other hit was Good Timin’, which rose to number 3, also in 1960.  After these 2 successes, he continued to record and write.  His influence has been noted by such people as Del Shannon.


Handy Man




Good Timin



Song Of The Day – Joss Stone – Sideway Shuffle

English: Joss Stone Deutsch: Joss Stone
English: Joss Stone Deutsch: Joss Stone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been a big Joss Stone fan since she was a barefoot 16-year-old phenomenon, singing the blues with the crème of the Louisiana blues players.  Not bad for an out of place Brit.  She has strayed a bit from those first recordings, but is still a force.  Quite the voice.

Sideway Shuffle

Remembering Bob Babbitt

Motown 4 album set
Motown 4 album set (Photo credit: vintage_breda)

You like the Motown sound?  Bob Babbitt, bass player extraordinaire, was likely responsible for that.  He passed away on July 16, leaving behind a huge legacy and body of work.  He played bass for Motown’s studio band, The Funk Brothers from 1966 to 1972.  This would make a lot of people very familiar with his work, without realizing it.  He was the bass player on such hits as Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours“, Smokey Robinson’s “Tracks of My Tears” and Freda Payne‘s “Band of Gold”.  He also played with such greats as Phil Collins and Jimi Hendrix.  Very diverse portfolio.  Here are a few tracks.

Signed Sealed Delivered

Uptight (with Phil Collins)

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