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Song Of The Day – The Monkees – “Goin’ Down”

The Best of The Monkees

The Best of The Monkees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a tough week.  Been to busy to sit at the keyboard, with more hecticness to come. Blogging will be slow until next week.  Having said that, we did find time to finish off Breaking Bad to current.  Heard this song on the credits(great show for music) and had to smile.  I mean, The Monkees!!.  Still, a great song, good enough to make song of the day.

Song Of The Day – David Byrne – This Must Be The Place

English: David Byrne playing at Austin City Li...

English: David Byrne playing at Austin City Limits 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard this on Later with Jools Holland the a while back.  I needed to put this up.  First, I know it is the Talking Heads who did this, but hey, it is David Byrne.  Second, it proves he is still around, at least in 2004 and third, what a great song.

Remembering Jimmy Jones

01 - Jimmy Jones

01 – Jimmy Jones (Photo credit: Bradford Timeline)


Singer Songwriter Jimmy Jones died on August 2, 2012.  He was 75.  He was a Sam Cooke style singer, with a great falsetto.  He is best known for his huge hit from 1960 “Handy Man“, which reached number 2  in 1960.  His other hit was Good Timin’, which rose to number 3, also in 1960.  After these 2 successes, he continued to record and write.  His influence has been noted by such people as Del Shannon.


Handy Man




Good Timin



Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 28

Heavy on the classic stuff again.  Canada did have a thriving cottage industry in music during the 70’s and 80’s.  There is also another trivia answer in here somewhere.

1. Five Man Electrical Band

“I’m a Stranger Here”

Five Man Electrical Band

Five Man Electrical Band (Photo credit: tab2space)

Another song from the group that brought us “Signs”.

2. Idle Eyes

“Tokyo Rose”

Another 80’s group that enjoyed moderate success in Canada, especially with this tune.  They won a Juno for most promising new group in 1985.

3. Indio

“Big Hard Sun”

[there’s a big] a big hard sun

[there’s a big] a big hard sun (Photo credit: [noone])

The trivia question.  Eddie Vedder covered this tune from Canadian singer-songwriter Indio.  Indio (Gordon Peterson) released 1 album in his career titled “Big Harvest” in 1989.  This was a hit in Canada and became worldwide after Eddie covered it.

4. Crash Vegas


Red Earth (Crash Vegas album)

Red Earth (Crash Vegas album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kind of a depressing song from a very good band.  This song was released in 1994.

5. Ron Hynes

Sonny’s Dream

Ron Hynes at the Rose

Ron Hynes at the Rose (Photo credit: Kent Barrett)

Canadian folk singer Ron Hynes hit gold in 1976 with the Sonny’s Dream.  The song has become a standard and has been recorded by a multitude of artists around the world,  The version here is a live duet with Alan Doyle of the group Great Big Sea.

Song Of The Day – Donald Byrd – Falling Like Dominoes

Cover of "Places & Spaces"

Cover of Places & Spaces


I heard this song in a tapas bar in Barcelona and it blew us away.  The song is off a Donald Byrd album, “Places and Spaces” and was released in 1975.  Donald was born in 1932 and has recorded since the 1950’s.  An accomplished trumpet player, he has over 46 albums to his credit and many more as a sideman to such artists as Kenny Clarke, Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane.  We need more players like this to be in the forefront of music.  Makes a lot of today’s talent look imbecilic, doesn’t it.


Falling Like Dominoes



Remembering Faruq Z. Bey

Alto saxophone

Alto saxophone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


June 1 saw the passing of American jazz saxophonist, Faruq Z. Bey . He was best known for his time with Griot Galaxy, a free jazz band from the 1970’s and 80’s.  In the mid 80’s, he was forced to leave the band after a bike accident that left him in a coma for some time.  He returned to playing in the mid 90’s.  I have posted a couple of videos here in tribute to this outstanding musician.  The first is with his band “The Northwood Improvisers”.  The second is with the Griot Galaxy.  Love Jazz.


Mystery of Love







Remembering Doc Watson


English: From Flickr: Doc Watson, 86 years old...

English: From Flickr: Doc Watson, 86 years old, plays to the crowd at another fantastic Sugar Grove Music Fest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


May 29 was a very sad day for me.  Doc Watson passed away.  What a player!!  Nothing to say, just listen.


Deep River Blues




Windy and Warm




Sitting On Top Of The World




What a talent, and a connection to the old blues and folk singers of the 20’s, 30’s and beyond.  Greatly missed.


Remembering Toni Arden

Big band singer Toni Arden passed away on May 29.  She was 88.  Toni’s real name was Antoinette Ardizzone.  She started recording in the 1940’s with a lot of bands, including Frankie Laine.  Her only major hit was Padre in 1958, which was also her only million seller.  The song I have chosen is a good showpiece for her voice and is typical of the early 50’s.  Good song.  Hope you enjoy.

Are You Satisfied

Song Of The Day – Sarah Vaughan – "Lover Man"


English: Sarah Vaughan, possibly Cafe Society,...

English: Sarah Vaughan, possibly Cafe Society, NYC, ca. August 1946. Photography by William P. Gottlieb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is a great day to be swept away by a singer with exceptional talent.  The late great Sarah Vaughan was such a singer.  This track was taped in 1958 and is Sarah’s version of “Lover Man”.  A standard jazz song that has also been recorded by such greats as Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James. Norah Jones, Billie Holiday and, strangely enough, Michael Jackson.  The song was written for Billie Holiday in 1941 by Jimmy Davis, Roger Ramirez and James Sherman.  The original by Billie was inducted to Grammy Hall of Fame in 1989.


Lover Man



Music Trivia Question for the Day – September 15, 2012

The first album to feature the group's name ch...

The first album to feature the group’s name change from “The Miracles” to “Smokey Robinson & The Miracles” was 1965’s Top 10 album Going To A Go-Go.Clockwise from top left: Pete Moore, Bobby Rogers, Ron White, Smokey Robinson.(not shown: Claudette Robinson, Marv Tarplin) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The previous question was:

Q: What was Motown‘s first million selling hit?

The answer is:

“Shop Around” by The Miracles.  The song was recorded and released in 1960.  This was before they were known as Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.  The artist on this classic was credited as The Miracles (featuring Bill “Smokey” Robinson”.

Shop Around

We had no winner on this one, so Rebecca’s stupendous award has, once again, been forced to wait on it’s introduction to the world.

Today’s question will leave Motown and move on to Blackburn, Lancashire.

Q: In the song “A Day In The Life” by the Beatles, there is a line referring to a particular place.  What is Blackburn, Lancashire and why does it have 4,000 holes in it?



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