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My Name Is John And I’m A Facebookaholic

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I did it people,  I have reached a week without Facebook.  That’s right, I pulled the plug, removed the bookmark, deleted the app on my phone and went completely cold turkey (although I have only deactivated it so far, just in case).  Hell, I beat nicotine, I should be able to beat Facebook.  I really thought that this would be difficult.  Guess what!  It is not hard at all.  It is actually quite liberating.  I had 150 friends or so, give or take.  The really important ones, I see regularly anyway, or communicate via email.  I see people join up, burn brightly for a few weeks, then disappear, never to be heard from again.  What happened, did they get hit by a truck, forget their password,  or did they just figure out how pointless the whole thing is and ignore it.  And the constant tweaking, it drives me nuts.  The privacy issues, the massive database, the targeted ads!  Where will this end.

What exactly is the point?  Most of the people on my friend list were never even online.   I’m sure most won’t even notice I am missing.  Hopefully, I do not relapse.  I will update again when I get the nerve to actually, fully, completely cut the thing.

Live TV – This Is Hilarious

My old hometown of Saskatoon is still small enough that they report on upcoming events.  This boner is certain to be a classic viral hit.


I Wish I’d Said That

Sorry, not a Newt Gingrich fan, BUT, this video of him beating up John King at the recent debate in South Carolina is a classic.  Every politician has wanted to do this, but few are crazy (maybe like a fox) enough to actually do it.  If by some miracle he becomes the Republican candidate, then I would say that they could sell tickets to an Obama-Gingrich debate.  From the standing ovations given him, and the boos to John King during this smack down tells me that there is a lot of citizens that feel the same way.  Much as it pains me to say it, way to go Newt.

Newt vs John King

Remembering Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney, photographed by Stephenson Brown.

Andy Rooney 1919-2011

Andy Rooney, gone at age 92.  He will be missed, as he has been since retiring from 60 Minutes.  Right, wrong, agree, disagree, always blunt and not to worried about pleasing the unpleaseable, Andy entertained us all, sometimes shocking us, but usually making us think just a bit harder.  The link here will take you to a compilation of some of his best 2 minute commentaries.  Enjoy, and remember an interesting person.

Things That Ticked Me Off This Week – September 14

Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Lots of crazy stuff this week.  Let’s start with the stupid this week.

Some idiot from Jordan decided that the classic Moorish architecture of the Alhambra in Spain was missing that certain something, his name carved into the stone work.  So the fool decided to do this using an amazing writing tool, a coin.  More at the link.

Now we will move to the downright dangerous and arrogant.  Striking longshoremen in Washington state stormed a port in Longview (a union port), taking hostages and destroying equipment and rail cars.  Their reason, these jobs are ours.  No recognition at all that the owners have the right to run their business however they wish, including hiring workers from OTHER unions to perform the work.  I love this, no arrests have been made, so taking hostages is cool if you are doing it on union time.  More at the link’

Speaking of arrogant, did you catch Obama’s speech.  Pass this bill right away, even though there was no bill in existence.  The best response to the speech was by Republican presidential primary candidate, Herman Cain.  I won’t ruin the surprise, read it on your own, if you have 5 seconds that is.–9hB4-eH60S6

And the final note for the week, an absolutely unbelievable post by New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman.  This ASSHOLE published the attached commentary on the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks.  I, for one will never forget this callous abomination.  I only wish I had a subscription to the NYT so I could cancel it.

That’s it for this week.  I feel better now.

The Wisdom of Donald Trump – Libya, Irene and Reporters

Donald Trump at a press conference announcing ...

Donald Trump

A recent video by Donald Trump on Libya and the reporting of disasters.  His big thing on Libya, why are we paying for rebels who are likely Iranians and not demanding they pay us back, a good tirade.  The other is the “natural disaster reporting” conducted by the media.  This was recorded prior to Irene hitting New York City and he looks clairvoyant in his statements on the severity.

As usual, provocative and confrontational.

Things That Ticked Me Off This Week

Libby Davies, New Democratic member of Parliam...

Libby Davies

As a rule, I sit and read, then seethed over some really crazy (to me) stuff.  The ironic, the pompous, the ridiculous, the downright stupid, I ingest it and just basically get angry.  Some of this is not anger worthy to you,  Doesn’t matter, it is foolish to me.  In this vein, I intend to do a weekly post of stuff that just plain pisses me off.  Nothing fancy, an article or 2 and a comment or 2.  You’ll either get pissed at me or you’ll join me at laughing in the face of the foolish.

Lets get started shall we.

The pompous.  Al Gore compares climate change to the Civil Rights fight.*  I am sure Al is well-meaning, but, come on.  the science is loose at best, his personal reputation on the subject is crumbling.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his Oscar gets yanked on him for that horrendous “Inconvenient Truth” bafflegab.  Ridiculous comment by a spent force.

The ridiculous. Christine St-Pierre, Quebec’s Culture Minister has come up with a beautiful plan to control the press* (and bloggers).  She floated a plan to, get this, license journalists.  Needless to say, journalists were somewhat unanimous in condemning this dumbass idea.  The best part, Christine St-Pierre was once a CBC employee. LOL.

The Crazy.  A professor at the University of Manitoba lost his bid to rescind a student’s PhD* awarded despite the student failing the course.  the student claimed a disability, which the university agreed with.  The disability? “EXTREME EXAM ANXIETY”.  I am enrolling at the U of M tomorrow.  I’ll be a surgeon in a couple of years.

The foolish.  My favourite for the NDP leadership. Libby Davies, came out in support of eliminating the 10 year rule* that immigrants are required to wait to be able to claim Old Age Security.  Her thinking is that if you come to Canada and promptly retire, we should pay that person  OAS and GIS, no questions asked.  The bill was promptly pulled by the NDP for obvious optical reasons.

That is all.

I Love the CBC – War Criminals

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada - Image via Wikipedia

I am so pleased that the CBC’s journalistic standards prevent them from publishing names and photos of wanted war criminals that are living in Canada illegally.  It makes proud to know that the CBC supports the idea that Canada should be a haven for murderers, rapists and torturers from around the world without discrimination.  As usual they are on the wrong side of the people they purport to represent, US.  A recent poll showed around 80% support for the government’s request for the media to publish same.  It doesn’t matter to the CBC though.  Their standards won’t allow it.  Their standards would allow them to cast aspersions against the other media and the government for doing what was asked of them.  Oh, and or the record, the public has recognized, reported and had arrested 7 of these criminals to date, with 2 already deported to face their country’s legal system.  Good riddance.

I Love the CBC

CBC Television

Image via Wikipedia

A Happy Canada Day from what may be the dumbest news organization on the planet.  A poll, conducted by an Ontario University (funded by my tax dollar I assume)  lists Canadian cities in order of their Canuckiness.  Guess how many are West of Sudbury.  If you said none, you would be correct.  Apparently true Canadians only live in eastern Canada, as in Ontario.  The measurements used are interesting as well.  They used the number of breweries, the number of Tim Hortons outlets and the number of maple syrup producers per 100,000 residents and included a measurement for hockey teams (all) and,of course, bilingualism.  I love the comments as well.  By the way, thank you CBC for pointing out what poor Canadians we are out here in the West by not creating maple syrup and not having enough bilingual people.

I Love the CBC

I Love the CBC.

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