Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

The task this week from WordPress is “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree”.  This was especially hard to come up with something.  I mean. 9 bajillion pictures and finding one that epitomizes carefree, a toughie.  Then I ran across this beauty from our trip into Barcelona in October 2012.  We were at a restaurant with some friends from the UK, when, quite suddenly, a pretty good thunderstorm rolled in.  We were seated outdoors, under a bit of a covered part of the sidewalk.  Wasn’t helping a lot, so we backed off closer to the walls of the building.  John decided to stick it out, showing not a care as he downed his tea in the driving rain.  Check the pounding rain on the pavement on the street, and a few very wet people.  Classic.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

For this challenge I have to return to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.  The façade is amazing, to the point that it is almost impossible to do it justice in a photo.  I sat, staring for the better part of an hour trying to take it in, without success.  Very inspiring, very beautiful and hard to imagine the thought, time and effort that was utilized to create it.

Sagrada Familia Facade

Sagrada Familia

Full Facade


Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a beautiful example of what well thought out lighting can do.

Spain 069


Our Memoriam to Dale Rempel

On our arrival in Lisbon. Portugal, we were saddened to be informed that my cousin Lynn’s husband Dale had succumbed to cancer.

Keeping in mind that we are not Catholic, and neither are Dale and Lynn, we decided on a proper tribute (we think) in that we were in Spain and Portugal, both of which have a multitude of beautiful cathedrals.  We decided we would light a candle in remembrance in each cathedral we visited.

Out travels now took us to Montserrat, Barcelona and Funchal in the Madeira Islands.

Our first candle on this part of the trip was lit in Funchal, the capital of the Madeira Islands.  The church is The Church Of our Lady of Monte.

Spain 064
The interior of Church of our Lady of Monte in Funchal.

Our next opportunity was in Barcelona.  We actually visited 2 churches here and lit a candle in each. The first was the iconic Sagrada Familia.  This first shot is of the interior.

Spain 070

This is one of the exterior.

Spain 099

Our next stop was Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, or the Barcelona Cathedral.  Another amazing structure.

Spain 133

Spain 156
A candle for Dale

Our next visit was Montserrat, a hillside monastery.  We visited 2 churches here.  the first was a chapel that we had to first take a cable car and then walk a couple of miles along the mountain to get to.  The Capella de la Santa cova.

Capella de la Santa cova
Capella de la Santa cova

People left articles here in remembrance as well as candles.  We left these seashells on a bench.  Please look for them if you are ever there.

Spain 159

Our last stop was the Santa Maria de Montserrat, the main basilica.

Spain 187

This was the last candle that we lit.  We will miss you Dale.

Spain 201

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Happy New Year Everyone

English: The Magic Fountain (Font Magica), a s...
English: The Magic Fountain (Font Magica), a sound-and-light show; Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Couldn’t find anything truly representative of the season, so I chose this.  The Magic Fountain in Barcelona.  Very cool.  A must see thing in Barcelona, Spain…and festive all the time.  To set this up, we got off the train from a day trip to Montserrat and came up to the Plaza de España.  We knew we were close to the fountain, and sure enough, bigger than life was the fountain.  Spectacular.  The fountain runs in 30 minute computerized sequences.  On this occasion, we were fortunate enough to be here during a Jazz Festival, so the program was all jazz.



Good Morning From Barcelona

Just a quick update for you all. Arrived in Barcelona yesterday evening after a week of little Internet access. Spent a beautiful week in Seville then cruised to Madeira islands then to the Canary Islands. I can hardly wait to get home and put fingers to keyboard. This is a photo of the bull ring in Malaga, Spain.


Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona

Houses in Park Güell designed by Antoni Gaudi,...
Houses in Park Güell designed by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain Français : Maisons à l’entrée du Parc Güell, réalisées par Antoni Gaudi, Barcelone, Espagne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the countdown clock hits 4 months to Lisbon, I am starting to get really pumped for this trip.  Lori has put together one heck of an itinerary for us.  Having said that, I ran across this article in Fotopedia and it has added to my excitement.  Barcelona appears to be a beautiful place.

Fotopedia Magazine — Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona.

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