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Panorama – Last Day

View from very near the top. Good day again and I’ll stop complaining about the snow. Out of here in the morning. Bought some skis and doing Sunshine on the 28th. See you soon.


Bonus shot. Christmas game day.


Panorama Christmas Eve

Snow petered out overnight. All of 3 cm. Not all that great. Got a few runs in. Fell a few times at low speed Still, beats working. Our for supper. Terrific evening with Lori and our sons.


Panorama – The Second Day

Started the day with a very wee bit of new snow and a ton of fog up high. The lower runs basically suck, unless you like skating more than skiing. Did find some decent runs off the Toby lift. Late start so only got 6 or 7 runs in. Took a couple of pics



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