Wandering Wednesday – Thursday Edition – Osoyoos, BC

Got busy, missed Wednesday, such is life.  This will be a quick post to show off the beauty of the Rockies and the Kootenays along the Highway 3 in British Columbia, ending with a stop in Osoyoos, BC, the southern gateway to the Okanagan Valley.

The drive is beautiful.  You come around and bend and you run into this.

You go around another bend and then you see this.

Then you hit the top of a hill, go around a curve, and there is the town of Osoyoos, so close, but still far.

We made it to town, booked into our hotel and headed for the beach.  37 above will do that to you.  Very hot, very dry.  The area is an official desert with next to no rainfall throughout the year.  But there is a lake, a lake with great views in every direction.

We spent a great day on the beach and, as evening came, I got this shot.  A perfect evening.

In the morning we headed towards the Okanagan Valley to visit with some friends and spotted our first of many wineries in the area.  We were running a bit low, so,we decided to stock up.

This should last us a few days.

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