About John

Downtown Calgary seen from Edworthy Park

Calgary, Alberta

I am Alberta based and love music, travel, sports and reading logic into the absurd.  This blog will likely be used as a personal storehouse for remembering what we have seen and what we are planning, and want to share this with whoever is interested, which may be nobody.

My other passion is music.  I love promoting Canadian music, finding new artists from anywhere and sharing what I find to be very good songs from any and all genres.

I also love sports and usually have an observation or two, and will do so on occasion.

Read on, enjoy ( I hope) and be polite.

  1. Lovely blog, really enjoy all your travel stories! I’m still new to blogging but feel free to check out some of my travel posts and other ramblings!

  2. Hi John,

    Looks interesting, especially since I love to travel, too. I’ll be back when it’s not bedtime.


  3. John –
    I’ve just nominated you for the versatile blogger award (apparently I’m supposed to notify you!)
    Couldn’t see any evidence you’ve gotten it, and I thinkk you should have. So you did.

    Well done, my good man.

    • Thanks, now I have all this extra work to do, and Christmas is just around the corner, and work is crazy and I’m losing my hair from stress and thanks very much., I appreciate that as well as your support. I am cutting and pasting this to your blog so you aren’t seeing double.

  4. John – I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here are the rule for the Versatile Blogger Award:

    -Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post
    -Share 7 things about yourself
    -Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading
    -Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award

    • Thanks for the nomination. Forgive me if I pass as I already did this exercise once. I popped by your space and hit the old follow button, have some reading to catch up on there as well. I really appreciate the shout out though, and am glad that you enjoy what I do enough to give me a nod.

  5. Thought I’d pass this on to you – Fritz and the Tantrums. The song is overplayed right now, but this is a very minimalist performance – Sax, 2 voices, tambourine, seems to have been recorded then edited together. Not quite live, but an impressive rendition.

    • Had to search for it, that one didn’t work up here. Great tune. Found a live version as well, tight band, right in my sweet spot. Man, i haven’t been on this page in a while, will have to update a bit lol.

  6. Yeah, I’ve been listening to them for the last 45 min. going to order their stuff. Thought you’d get a kick out of them.

  7. Thanks for following my blog! I really like what you’ve got going on here!

  8. Thanks John for following my blog. I think I’ll enjoy yours, as well. I look forward to hearing your political views. I have opinions but I’m mostly open minded and always ready to learn more. (Mostly I like to make fun of everything like my daughter, Lily in Canada! haha!)

    • You are Lily’s Mom. Love her blog. Also, I need to revamp my about, you will see pretty much 0 politics here. It is far to crazy a subject and not worth the effort, cause it seems everyone has tunnel vision.

  9. Saw you had commented on Keelan Foley’s blog, and decided to check out yours. I look forward to browsing all your posted music. Best blogging wishes from a fellow Albertan.

  10. Savannah 希望 Hardcastle

    Nice blog here, John. I enjoy travel. Hope to see many more of your awesome stories / adventures.

    • Thanks Savannah, Been ripping around yours a bit and enjoy it. I started as a straight travel blog a while back and they are both the hardest and the most fun to do. Hope you don’t mind sifting through the other stuff to get to the travel stories haha.

      • Savannah 希望 Hardcastle

        ha ha, and not at all. Should help me learn more before I start my own travels.

  11. Just wanted to say that I think you have a really great blog here and I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award at http://lifeinthedrivethru.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/special-presentation/

  12. Hello, John,

    Thank you very much for following my blog. I hope I do not disappoint you. I hope each of your visits in my blog will always be a joyful ride! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  13. What do you mean when you say you’re a conservative? Just out of curiosity. I actually don’t know many.

    • I am going to take that out of there. I am not political to a major extent, but I do tend to be on the conservative side of things on most issues. I had my liberal leanings when I was younger but discarded most of it as I got older. A Canadian conservative is, for the most part, a centrist. Does that make any sense?

  14. I guess it does, in Canadian terms. In Australia, that would mean that you believed more or less in moderation, politically speaking – neither far left nor far right. Is that you?

    • Pretty much. I am fiscally conservative and ambivalently centrist on most social issues. I make up my mind on each issue individually, which means I can veer left or right.

  15. Hi John, this is James from Indie Music Promo (Vancouver). I’m working with one Canadian artist I hope you’re impressed with but couldn’t find contact info for you. Feel free to email me and I’ll send you the details. Thanks very much!

  16. Hi! Thanks for following! I’m tone deaf, but my hubs plays trombone, guitar, and ukelele. I play Adele and Christina Perri and katy Perry over and over again and cause people to ask if I’m still 13 years old. (I’m not, duh, or how else would I have a 31yrold son?)

  17. Friend of Guapo’s is a friend of mine … and one being around one more Canadian is good.

  18. Hey John … Thought of another possible place for when in Genoa …. Portofino … and of course I have a post on it …. and the videos are great. Enjoy.

  19. Thank you so much and wishing you all the best. 🙂

  20. Can someone from Calgary still call themselves an Albertan? I thought Calgary was becoming a universe unto themselves much like Toronto? Of course with me being from Edmonton, you know we are rivals in football, right? I don’t watch hockey so it doesn’t count, but I am an avid football fan. I was born in Winnipeg so I will always be a Bomber fan for life, but now I share my loyalties with the Eskimos. It gives me twice as much football to cheer for & when they play against each other I cheer for good plays!

    • I am a Canadian lol. I was born in Winnipeg, lived in Saskatchewan for 15 years. This is our 3rd go round in Alberta, having spent a couple of years in St Albert, and a couple in Okotoks. All in all, prefer Calgary’s climate and Saskatoon’s culture. To me the day’s were to short in Edmonton and it never got hot. (Run for cover as well). As a further run for cover, I gave up on the Bombers, and actually wore a Rider Jersey to the Banjo Bowl a few years ago. lol

  21. I think the real question is, which US state is Canada a suburb of?
    *runs for cover* 😉

  22. Riders?! Wash your mouth out with soap!

  23. Hi John,

    Nice meeting you here. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures! 🙂

    Subhan Zein
    #PS: I hope that’s polite enough 😉

  24. Simon Sundaraj-Keun

    Great blog and I enjoyed the pictures. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  25. John, I like your site and need to explore it further. I’ve also added it to my blogroll at http://www.OCanadaBlog.com. Two Canadian bands I highly recommend if you have not come across them are The Hidden Cameras and Great Lake Swimmers. Best, Brett

  26. Hi John! Is there an email address that someone might be able to contact you at?

  27. Donald Lockwood

    Hi John, I love your blog and travel stories!

    I am from Colorado but I’m living abroad in Vietnam for now! I was adventuring through SE Asia but decided to root for a minute to gather resources.

    Speaking of Canadian music, I recently found and fell in love with Grimes – a Canadian and electronic indie dream pop princess.

    Also, thanks for following my blog. I hope the my posts can help you reach more fans and followers. 🙂

    • I’ll check her out. Thanks for the follow as well. Canadian music is a growth industry right now. I look forward to any tips you put out there. Se Asia is on our list but we seem to go off in tangents with our traveling. Right now, it is all about sailing. Have a great one.

      • Donald Lockwood

        Is sailing really as gloriously adventurous as one would imagine? Out on the open seas with the wind in your sails, it’s such a romantic fantasy many people dream of, I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to actually do it.

        • Yes. Every bit. The difficulty lies in actually liking it. Living aboard takes some sacrifice but it has its rewards. For example, you are taking your living space with you. No packing, no hostels etc. And the wind is free. We found it to be very peaceful out in the water, yet having an edge of adrenaline. It is a fun experiment so far.

          • Donald Lockwood

            Sounds like something I should give a try some day if I can manage it. How far our do you go? Do you travel great distances? When you are out there far enough, does the water ever become perfectly still?

            • Coastal for the mist part but a 40 or 50 mile hop between islands would not be uncommon. The idea is to pick good weather and move along the coast to the next destination and then hang around for as long as one wants to. A lazy cheap form of travel that has some benefits of home. As for still waters. Likely yes but on s sailboat that doesn’t work so well. Turns it into a powerboat.

  28. Hi John

    Pleased to meet you. :).

    Many Thanks for visiting my Blog, MUCH Appreciated. 🙂

  29. Hi,Thank you for following. It’s my privilege. if you get time please read my book “My Day Out With An Angel” and let me know the feedback at jose.a.sanoj@gmail.com


    Peace & love, Sanoj

  30. Hi, John! Thanks for dropping by my blog and the follow. I’ve got great friends living in Alberta and I’ve seen the beauty of that place through their pictures. Following you back for inspirations and more images from everywhere. 🙂

  31. My Tropical Home

    Hi John, I like how neat your blog looks, and love love love the photos. Thanks for visiting my blog. I think my blog would be a tad too serious for your taste 😉 but I do hope you’ll enjoy my photos – I’m just beginning on that journey. Have a great week!

  32. Thanks for following my blog. It’s always interesting to see what other people experience, so I am looking forward to your next posts! 🙂

  33. So John, you decided to join the small clan of Uncle Spike followers, sometimes known as The Spikey’s…. That makes me a happy blogger now – I really appreciate you making that special mouse click.
    Hope you like my upcoming posts and if you get bored one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too.
    If you have any likes, dislikes or suggestions about my blog, just let me know, either through ‘comments’ or via email. Always welcome reader input 🙂
    Have a great old day…

  34. Thanks for the follow John. Seems like we have similar interests. Will come back for more 🙂

  35. We like personal storehouses! This in particular!! – Sowayfarer

  36. Awesome blog. Its amazing that you have a passion for so many things. I have a passion too, and maybe you can follow my passion to become the next great sports announcer at sportstalkwithari.com.

  37. I see you are a lover of Canadian Musicians… – http://www.hayleysales.com/about/

    I recently discovered Hayley Sales after following a comment to a blog which let me to another blog and another and well… Gotta love the community that is word press – 🙂

    I ended up buying her album off of Itunes – she is fantastic. This is my favorite song of hers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65vnC1mPd-E

    Enjoy! Lovely to meet you by the way, I’m Lou, Lover of french fries dipped in chocolate sundaes!


  38. hey 😀 thanks for the follow, just went through your blog, and you’ve got some great stuff!

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