A Note To My Followers

Been a long time since I’ve been on here. figured I’d pop in and drop this here as it seems people still drop by. Actually thinking of adding this to my group of current blogs. I miss a lot of people that were here with me.

Good morning friends. I recently took on an editor position with an internet radio station and will be administering their various columns on their social media sites and their online magazine. We have an opportunity available for people to contribute columns and posts to these sites, which includes the online magazine. This would be on a volunteer basis, fully attributed and linked to your site. This should increase your readership and assist you if you have monetized your site.

We are looking at a true online magazine which will be separate from the station, Kat Power Hits Radio, and has complete freedom to post about any topic that meets our editorial standards. Travel, short stories, poetry, humor, current events, you name it, we’ll look at it.

If this interests you, please contact me at: johnlorieh@gmail.com

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