Prepare To Be Cuted Out – Part 2

A while back I posted this picture in a Weekly Photo Challenge.

Good Morning Vader

Good Morning Vader

A fellow blogger, who I just made acquaintance with, Jots from a Small Apt. has asked for more.  Being the accommodating sort, I am more than happy to oblige.  By the way, Jots runs a fine establishment and is worth a visit or 200 or so. There is background to this upcoming cuteness though.

The date, December 29th.  Lori and I had just pent a pleasant night in Banff, Alberta.  We were checking out of our hotel, intending to spend the day skiing at Sunshine Village, a great hill, apparently, as I have never made it there.  We had just finished and Lori’s phone rang.  It was our son, the owner of Vader, calling to tell us that Vader had gotten away from him, the gate was open.  That ended the skiing, before it started, and we headed home.  The next 90 minutes were a blur as we raced back to Calgary to hep find the missing.  We searched and searched, but had the foresight to report him to the city as missing.  After 5 hours of looking, we got a call, he was at animal services, and had been pretty much since he had gone missing.  We knew he was not the type to take off, and apparently had gotten out and went to the wrong door to get let in, maybe 2 doors down in a townhouse condo.  The people opened the door and took him to animal services.  Terrible day.  So now the more part.  Vader’s mug shot.

The Mugshot

The Mugshot

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  1. I was lucky enough to meet Jots a while ago, and I’ve enjoyed her company since.

    Vader looks hardcore in that mugshot.

  2. With you, JP, on Eiffel Tower at night. Say what, El G, you stall???? Paris at night or day is awesome. I’ll pack for you……
    PS: Thanks for the mug shot of Mr. V…..and the mug-plug!

  3. As I “look you over” JP, I keep looking at precious Vader (sidebar) and the wonderful picture (not the mugshot…the 1st one). Brings such a smile to my face every every time….and a spring in my attitude and general well-being. Once again…you’ve made my day!

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