Prepare To Be Cuted Out – Part 2

A while back I posted this picture in a Weekly Photo Challenge.

Good Morning Vader
Good Morning Vader

A fellow blogger, who I just made acquaintance with, Jots from a Small Apt. has asked for more.  Being the accommodating sort, I am more than happy to oblige.  By the way, Jots runs a fine establishment and is worth a visit or 200 or so. There is background to this upcoming cuteness though.

The date, December 29th.  Lori and I had just pent a pleasant night in Banff, Alberta.  We were checking out of our hotel, intending to spend the day skiing at Sunshine Village, a great hill, apparently, as I have never made it there.  We had just finished and Lori’s phone rang.  It was our son, the owner of Vader, calling to tell us that Vader had gotten away from him, the gate was open.  That ended the skiing, before it started, and we headed home.  The next 90 minutes were a blur as we raced back to Calgary to hep find the missing.  We searched and searched, but had the foresight to report him to the city as missing.  After 5 hours of looking, we got a call, he was at animal services, and had been pretty much since he had gone missing.  We knew he was not the type to take off, and apparently had gotten out and went to the wrong door to get let in, maybe 2 doors down in a townhouse condo.  The people opened the door and took him to animal services.  Terrible day.  So now the more part.  Vader’s mug shot.

The Mugshot
The Mugshot
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What I Learned Last Week

Spearfishing (Photo credit: dmscvan)


It is that time of the week when I impress with my newly acquired knowledge.


First up, I learned how to have free suppers.  This guy kind of impressed me with his out of the box thinking.


Buy a first class flight ticket, and eat for free for as long as you don’t get caught


Second thing I learned, Kiwis are as laid back as Canucks.  This guy takes the all time record for being laid back though.  The events.


1. Go spear fishing


2. Get attacked by shark


3. Evade shark


4. Leave water


5.  Stitch wound yourself


6. Go for a beer at the local pub


Here’s the story.




Have a great week, and remember, live well and learn.


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La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Back in the day, we used to make a yearly trip to Lac La Ronge in Northern Saskatchewan.  The purpose of the trip was to spend some great times with great friends aboard a houseboat that one of them owned.  La Ronge is wonderful in that it is a big lake with hundreds of islands and is secluded enough that chances are good that you will not see another person for the time you are out there.  And the fishing is terrific.

The Houseboat
The Houseboat

The boat couldn’t sleep everyone, so we would find a spot on Bear Island (our favourite) and pitch a bunch of tents.  We would use the spot as a base of operations for the time we were up there.  Speaking of bears, there are definitely bears on Bear Island.  If you squint real hard, you can see the bear that destroyed our tent as it runs off into the forest.  Needless to say, we did not spend the night on the island this time.  The tents were struck and we moved on.  Unfortunately we had to rename the next island Mosquito Island.  A pretty miserable night, thank heaven for beer.

La Ronge - The Bear
La Ronge – The Bear

The next shot is Rapid River. This very short river connects Lac La Ronge to Hale Lake.  The significance is that the people who owned the boat are Hale’s.  The back story is that lakes in Northern Saskatchewan are named in the memory of soldiers who died in Canada’s wars.  All of them have a plaque noting who the lake is named for. This lake is named after their uncle, who was an airman in WW2.  He died in the Netherlands.

Rapid River
Rapid River

All in all, a beautiful place to go, full of memories, none bad.



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27 Surreal Places to Visit Before You Die



I ran into this article on Buzzfeed the other day and deemed it worthy of a share.  The article lists 27 very interesting places around the globe.  Interesting, for the travellers out there, to see how many you’ve been to.  Personally, I have been to Juneau, Alaska and Belize, but did not see either of the things listed.  I have seen the tulip fields, but only from a train window between Antwerp and Amsterdam, kind of a drive by.


Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die


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Shameless Self Promotion Post

English: Intertitle from the Showtime televisi...


A bit of a change in the place.  Some may have noticed that the music appears to have gone away.  I played with a music blog in the past and have decided to resurrect it.  The reason, continuity.  I get carried away with the tunes and lose what I wanted to see here.  What is that you ask?  Simply put, my other passion is seeing places, as in travel.  I also love general stuff as well, such as funny things, general events and the such.  When I get crazy on the music, I tend to lose my train of thought and ignore my intentions for this place.


If you like the music, you can follow me here.  Same amount of posting, just more organized.


The Real Canadian Music Blog


And while I am shamelessly plugging, don’t forget to hit the Facebook Like thing-me in the sidebar, on either blog.




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What I Learned Last Week

Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love learning stuff.  I didn’t learn much last week, except these nuggets.

Apparently Homer Simpson is the first Earthling on Mars.  He dropped a jelly doughnut in front of a rover.

Tim Horton’s on Mars?

Canada’s most embarrassing export  goes for the “Lindsay Lohan Award”. Nice job Biebs, don’t call home.

Why the f–k are you doing this?

Vegas is going to make a lot of money.  The football picking camel passed on.

Camel rolls snake eyes

28 Days is becoming a real possibility for England.

Invasion of the cannibal rats

Perhaps fining people for taking children on airplanes is the next logical step?

End the madness!!




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

This week we have been given the topic of family.  To me family is a far-reaching intangible.  I have my natural family, my in-law family, my work family, my far-flung friend family, among others.  Makes it very hard to choose a photo to post here.  To decide, I played some eenie meenie miney mo game and came up with this one.  We are bereft of grand children at this time, but, while we wait, we have a grand dog, our son’s King Charles cross.  Prepare to be cuted out of your socks.


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The Grizzly House – Banff, Alberta

Something new, a review.  Lori and I were in Banff, Alberta over Christmas.  We went for dinner at a place we have frequented in the past, “The Grizzly House”, situated at 207 Banff Ave in the beautiful mountain resort town of Banff.

photo(4)We have been here a few times in the past, mostly based on our first time there, which was a very entertaining evening.  A rowdy crowd, with a local phone system that allows you to call the other tables.  Booze, phones and a rowdy atmosphere = great fun.

This time, we were a bit disappointed.  Still, a very fun place, just that we noticed some things we had never really paid attention to before.  First, the decor.  The place needs a makeover.  Very old-looking and approaching run down??


The tables, chairs and decorating are very same old.  A first time diner might like it, but we are past that.  Another view.


Very dark, and not just the lighting.

The food is still passable and the wine list is good.  The menu is basically fondue.  They drop a granite slab on your table, heated to 600 degrees and you cook your meal.  Again, fun.  The issue to us on this particular evening was the aura created by tables and tables of years and years of people cooking like this, in an enclosed place.  Honestly, the place needs a major airing out.  It took a week for the smell to leave our jackets, and I’m only assuming it has, as perhaps we are just not smelling it anymore.



As a reviewer, I must close with the review.  The food, 3 of 5 stars.  Nothing spectacular and kind of pricey.  We enjoyed it, just wasn’t top-notch.  The wine list was pretty good, and reasonably priced.  The setting, maybe 2 of 5.  Renovations and renewal could revitalize the operation.  The atmosphere, I would still rate as 4 of 5.  It is still a fun place to go, especially with a group.  If you are dining as a couple, I highly suggest going elsewhere.


My Top 10 for 2013 – 1 to 5

Tegan and Sara

As I sit here prepping this post, I noticed something odd, or not odd perhaps.  My top 5 consists of a Brit and 4 Canadians.  Not much bias on this blog.  My Top 5, in no particular order.

5 “Recovery” by Frank Turner

4 “So Blind” by David Myles

3 “I Was a Fool” by Tegan and Sara

2 “Red Hands” by Walk Off the Earth

1 “What I Wouldn’t Do” by Serena Ryder


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