Random Songs From My Phone – Comin’ Home Baby – Michael Buble

English: Michael Buble walks the Red Carpet at...
English: Michael Buble walks the Red Carpet at the 2009 Junos in Vancouver, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As if to prove I truly use the shuffle function, up comes a Michael Buble tune that, although nice, is not anywhere near the top of my musical food chain.  Typically, I’ll hit next when one of his songs comes up in the queue.  Not this time though.  Michael Buble is a huge world-wide superstar, a Canadian crooner at the top of his craft.  He sells out anything and anywhere.  His style is a throwback, a scotch drinking smoker with a crazy sense of humour, and, of course, a great singing voice.  This tune, “Comin’ Home Baby, is from his “Call Me Irresponsible” album and is a duet with Boyz II Men. The song is a jazz tune from 1961, originally done by the Donald Bailey Quartet, later recorded and turned into a hit by Mel Torme.  Many artists have covered it,  including Herbie Mann, David Sanborn and Quincy Jones.

Enjoy, and let’s hope the shuffle God is kinder next time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

Today I try the newest challenge from WordPress.  The Weekly Photo Challenge : From Lines To Pattern.  I took this photo at St Pancras Station in London, UK.  This is where the Eurostar arrives and departs in London.  A great mixture of old and new.  It is also the station that Harry Potter uses to go to Hogwarts.

St Pancras Station in London, UK
St Pancras Station in London, UK

Song Of The Day – Ben Howard – Keep Your Head Up

Nederlands: Ben Howard tijdens een optreden in...
Nederlands: Ben Howard tijdens een optreden in Paradiso, Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today’s song of the day is a nice tune from Ben Howard, an English singer-songwriter.  The song, “Keep Your Head Up” was released as a single in 2011, but was on his 2008 début album, “Games In The Dark”, and on his 2011 record “Every Kingdom”.  The song starts out fairly slowly but picks up power as it continues, then moves into a great chorus.  Good tune.


Ben Howard Home


Ben Howard on iTunes


Ben Howard on Amazon



Waterton Lakes, Alberta

Unfortunately, I wasn’t on this day trip (had to work), but Lori was, along with her brothers and Cec.  They caught Mama Bear and Baby Bear on the side of the road at Waterton Lake National Park.  Nice shot.

A bear and her cub near Waterton Lake, Alberta.
A bear and her cub near Waterton Lake, Alberta.

Interesting Covers – “I’m A Believer”

Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m A Believer is a song penned by Neil Diamond and made a forever signature classic by The Monkees way back in 1966.  The song went gold in 2 days, hitting number 1 in December 1966 and was the biggest selling single of 1967.  It is also one of only 40 songs to sell 10 million physical copies (source:Wikipedia).  Amazing numbers for so long ago.  Needless to say that success bred many attempts at duplication, of which I will note four.  Don’t forget to vote for the one you like best.

First we have British singer Robert Wyatt who made it a UK hit in 1974.  The band he was with had some power with Andy Summers (Police) on guitar and Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) on drums.  The video is a live performance on Tops Of The Pops and was his first appearance after an accident left him a paraplegic.

Robert Wyatt

Next up we have my favourite version by Smash Mouth.  Why you say?  Simple, Shrek is one of my all time favourite movies. Eddie Murphy is also featured on the tune, recorded in 2001.

Smash Mouth

Third, we have the man, Neil Diamond.  he sings his song live in 2008.  Nicely done Neil.

Neil Diamond

And last, the original.

The Monkees

Helpful Signs – An Educational Series

I’m thinking this one is has to be in Philadelphia, likely at the towing compound.  Probably quite a few heads exploding as they mulled over the twist and turns of logic in its inherent evilness.  I classify it as helpful, but only to the chosen few that can decipher the zen meaning behind it.

The Parking Authorities Biggest Earner
The Parking Authorities Biggest Earner


Song Of The Day – John Mayer – Wildfire

John Mayer playing guitar on "Human Natur...
John Mayer playing guitar on “Human Nature” at Jackson’s memorial service on July 7, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The oft maligned John Mayer enters my Song of the Day series, yet again.  I say maligned as more often than not he is dismissed as nothing more than a pop artists.  I tend to disagree.  I find him a superior writer of songs, some pop, some a lot more than that, such as this tune, “Wildfire”.  In this tune he once again proves that he can write and do a great catchy song and showcase something else that people tend to miss.  As a guitar player, there are few performing today that are as good as he is.  He is a terrific player, up there with many of the recognized greats.  In the video, he really cuts loose at the 3:20 mark.  All in all, this song rates an A+ in my books.  Hope you enjoy.

Song Of The Day – Serena Ryder – For You

English: Serena Ryder performing at Showbox, S...
English: Serena Ryder performing at Showbox, Seattle 4-26-09 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Heard this on CBC2 today during an interview she was doing and had to post it.  Serena Ryder is the next big thing.  The vocals on this are amazing, almost Adele, yet different, kind of like Aretha, yet different, and a dash of Amy Winehouse.  This is the exact performance I heard.  Sit back and enjoy “For You”.  Oh, and get the album “Harmony”, you will not regret it.


Serena Ryder on iTunes


Serena Ryder on Amazon


Serena Ryder on CBC Music





Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

This week’s challenge – Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV.  I chose this photo taken from a canal boat in Amsterdam.  The city has about 1200 bridges, most similar to these.  This makes for some stunning views as you traverse these routes, especially where they join, as in this shot.

Amsterdam Canals
Amsterdam Canals

Song Of The Day – Eric Clapton – Gotta Get Over

Eric Clapton at the Tsunami Relief concert in ...
Eric Clapton at the Tsunami Relief concert in Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. Taken by user Yummifruitbat on January 22nd 2005 using an Olympus C-750UZ digital camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Music from Eric Clapton, with a bonus, Chaka Khan.  Slowhand has a new album out, “Old Sock” and this tune, “Gotta Get Over” is off it.  Best song I’ve heard from him in a while, and nice to see some new music as well.

Old Sock on iTunes

Old Sock on Amazon

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