Road Trip – Saskatchewan

One of my favourite places is also an unlikely choice,  We lived in Saskatchewan for many years and only left with trepidation and regrets.  Having said that we made many life friends there, and a joyous occasion caused us to make the trek to our old home.  The daughter of some very close friends was married in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and most of our old group of friends were in attendance.

The first part of our journey was a 7 hour drive to Martensville, Saskatchewan, guided by my son’s intrepid guide dog, Vader.

Vader shows us the way
Vader shows us the way

He led us to Kindersley, Saskatchewan, where we stopped for lunch.

Kindersley, Saskatchewan
Kindersley, Saskatchewan

Garden spot isn’t it.  Actually a very nice town, with a typical highway frontage.  Nothing to see here.

Vader did eventually lead us to the wedding in Prince Albert, where we had a great time, catching up with many old friends.

Prince Albert with Friends
Prince Albert with Friends

The next morning, Vader took us to Candle Lake, and the lakefront cottage of some friends.  Great time, and I’ll let some pictures do the talking.

cropped-pa-and-candle-lake-aug-2013-010.jpgSunset At Candle Lake

More Sunset
More Sunset

We ran into a local trapper.

PA and Candle Lake Aug 2013 003

Vader even got his opportunity to get in some beach time with his new buddy, Mowgli.


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