Song Of The Day – The Civil Wars – “Poison and Wine”

The Civil Wars' Barton Hollow cover
The Civil Wars’ Barton Hollow cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Civil Wars song “Poison and Wine” is today’s selection. I have said many times in the past that, first, country is not my usual cup of tea, and second, it is all about the song. This song strikes a few chords. The lyrics, when taken with their personal history, are hauntingly cryptic. The tune amazing in its subtlety. Put both together and you have one heck of an emotional song. Beautifully crafted and worthy of something I seldom do. That would be listening to it several times in a row. This constitutes high praise from me for a song on a genre I don’t normally praise.

“Oh I don’t love you but I always will”

Author: John

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8 thoughts on “Song Of The Day – The Civil Wars – “Poison and Wine””

  1. I wish they would get their personal mess together, it’s hard to connect to their music when they may or may not stick together. I do think a great song like this one is able to step out of the genre and stand on its own. This song is fantastic, which means it probably won’t ever see the light of day on country radio. Great post, I am always glad to see someone enjoy their music.

    1. I think their personal mess contributed greatly to this song. Very impressive piece of song writing. And you are right on air play. Formula radio is brutal. I don’t know where you are from but I usually listen to only 2 stations here. Ckua and cbc2. Both are available on the web. Both play a wide variety of new music.

        1. You may be able to pick up them both up on the web.  CKUA for sure.  It is an Alberta wide network that has a definite web presence.  Huge diversity on their playlist.  CBC2 is a national thing, nott unlike NPR in the staes.  Very diverse there as well.   CBC3 is a web only station. is another great source up here.


    1. Pretty much my thinking as well.  Heard this on my normal source, and went, wow, there is something special here.  I think the emotions of their personal travails made it into the delivery of the lyrics. 


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