Wandering Post Day – Warwick Castle, England

We all love castles.  Waaaay back in 2008, we did a road trip through a bit of southwest England with Lori’s cousins from the UK.  As we tend to move through places based on the book “1000 Places To See Before You Die”, and it has yet to steer us wrong, we decided to squeeze in a side trip to Warwick Castle.  We had spent the night in Stratford-On-Avon and were heading to Milton Keynes to meet some friends of Lori’s mother.  Warwick was a bit off path and we did not have a lot of time.

Now I have to make a bit of an admission.  By the time we got there and knowing how much time we needed, we figured out that we could not tour the castle.  We barely had time to get there.  So time to come clean.  We did a drive-by.  Hanging out the window of the car, straining for a glimpse between buildings and trees, we managed to take a couple of quick pictures.  We then decided, good enough, had a major laugh and stroked it off the list.  Not really, as we will be back there someday, but we can at least pretend.  Crazy Canuck tourists.

Nice picture for a drive-by

Nice picture for a drive-by

Note the blurred people

Note the blurred people

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  1. I like how the parent is admiring the castle and the kids look really bored, even being blurred their body language speaks volumes.

  2. A moment in Warwick is like a lifetime somewhere else! or something…

    Sorry, I got nothin.
    Nice pics though.

  3. I wonder what it is – our endless fascination with castles? They were cold & drafty & dark.

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