Random Songs From My Phone – KT Tunstall – “Under The Weather”

Cover of "Eye to the Telescope"
Cover of Eye to the Telescope


I loved this album.  “Eye To The Telescope” continues to be a regular on my rotation after, what 9 years.  This is one of the great tunes on the disc, “Under The Weather”.  The album, released in 2004, and was her first studio album.  The album gained her multiple Grammy and Brit nominations, winning the 2005 Brit for best female solo artist.  KT Tunstall is Scottish born and plays a mean guitar as well as being a fine singer and songwriter.  Her genre is hard to pin down as she moves effortlessly between rock, pop and folk.  the cut I have selected is a live version, done on Jools Holland in April 2005.  Enjoy, I have many times.



Song Of The Day – Delbert and The Commotions


Song Of The Day today is actually Group of the Day.  I received an email from Brian Asselin, a member of an R&B/Funk group known as Delbert & The Commotions.  The best part, the group includes Delbert Nelson, once with the legendary Funk Brothers.  Brian met Delbert while touring with the Funk Brothers and ended up collaborating on an album about a year ago.  An interesting story, a Canadian sax player and an American singer teaming up to write a soul album.  Please enjoy, visit the links and maybe pop a song or two onto your iPod.

Delbert and the Commotions Home

Delbert and the Commotions on iTunes

Delbert and the Commotions on CBC2

Delbert and the Commotions on Twitter

The Little Things


Quiz Time – Are You Part Canuck – Part 3

Coat of Arms of Canada
Coat of Arms of Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now the answers to Part 2 and the last instalment for all to figure out.  After the answers, I will post the final 4 Canuckisms for you to interpret.

1. Toboggan – A type of sled made of wood

2. Peameal – Back Bacon

3. Washroom – Restroom or Toilet

4. Serviette – A napkin

Thanks for playing.  Once again the king of Canuck dialect is El G.  Now for the last batch.

1. Chinook

2. Mickey

3. Knapsack

4. Kerfuffle

Have fun.


The Atlantic Meets The Caribbean

Some very raw and rough footage I took of a reef off the coast of Barbuda in the Caribbean sea.  What we are seeing is a reef where the Atlantic Ocean (dark blue) hits the reef, waterfalls over it and becomes the Caribbean Sea (light blue).  Very loud so turn down the sound.  I apologize for the bounciness of the clip, but a sailboat, or any boat for that matter, is not a very stable platform to shoot a video from.  We had anchored in this vicinity overnight, and enjoyed the sights and sounds through the evening and morning.  Pretty impressive.


Song Of The Day – Lissie – “When I’m Alone”

English: Lissie performing at Parkenfestivalen...
English: Lissie performing at Parkenfestivalen 2011, Bodø, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today’s tune is by American folk/rock artist, Lissie.  The song, “When I’m Alone” from her 2010 album, “Catching A Tiger”.  The song is more rock than folk and showcases a strong voice and a pretty good band.  The song was getting some major airplay in Canada on CBC2, likely in support of her upcoming album, “Back To Forever”.  It is due to be released in September.  An interesting note, the album reached number 4 in Norway, the featured song, number 2.


Lissie Home Page


Lissie on iTunes





You Never Know What You’ll See

In summer of 2012, we were doing our “To Sail Or Not To Sail” explorations and stopped in Blind Bay, BC for lunch.  Nice resort town on a bay on Shuswap Lake.  A beautiful, hot summer day, enjoying a cold one and a burger and then a plane blows by.  Love BC.

Love BC
Love BC
Had To Be Quick
Had To Be Quick

We did see a sailboat there, pretty much the only one we saw all day.  We stopped at a marina and were told, sailboats don’t work on this lake as there is never any wind.  Scratch a beautiful lake.

A Boat In The Bay
A Boat In The Bay

Song Of The Day – Mo Kenney – “The Great Escape”

Mo Kenney
Mo Kenney (Photo credit: joeri-c)


A nice mellow song for a nice mellow Sunday.  Canadian singer songwriter Mo Kenney performs her song “The Great Escape” live at the CBC studio.  The tune comes from her self-titled debut album, released in 2012.  Born in Nova Scotia in 1990, she has a great future, especially if she continues to collaborate with one of my favourites, Joel Plaskett, who produced her record.  Have a great Sunday.


Mo Kenney Home


Mo Kenney on CBC


Mo Kenney on iTunes





Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

I chose these pictures for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece as I love scenery and consider it both man’s masterpieces of creation complimenting the natural beauty of many vistas.  The first is photo taken in Ravello, Italy.  It shows the creativity of man, building homes and agriculture in nearly impossible locations.

The Hills Around Ravello
The Hills Around Ravello

This next photo wass taken in Montserrat, Spain.  Absolutely stunning scenery.  If you are in Barcelona, you MUST go to Montserrat.

Montserrat From The Townsite
Montserrat From The Town-site

And from above

Looking Down On Montserrat
Looking Down On Montserrat



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