To Sail Or Not To Sail – Antigua

English: Sailing in Antigua Deutsch: Segeln au...

English: Sailing in Antigua Deutsch: Segeln auf Antigua (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As one can see by the day ticker on the right side of the page, we are 3 days away (less than) from departing on another adventure.  That’s right, we are giving the sailing dream it’s due and spending 5 days sailing on a Royal Yachting Association course in Antigua.  Crew Competency to be exact.  Both Lori and I have some experience, but 0 ocean and no certifications.  We hope to knock a few things off the checklist.  First, spending an evening in NYC on a layover, and with luck, meeting up with all of our favourite blogger, El Guapo.  Hoping that works out.  Second, starting on our road to certification and creation of our log books.  Lastly, we will find out whether booting around on a 40 foot sailboat is something we want to do for a few years.  One door opens they say.

The downside, I still haven’t finished blogging ANY of our trips, and this will just add to the pile. At any rate, blogging will be quite slow for the next couple of weeks, and I will truly miss all of you for that period and hope to eventually catch up, both reading and writing when I get back.  Hope the weather in Calgary is truly miserable while we are away as well (Just Kidding, stop the hate mail)


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  1. Have a safe trip. See you when you get back… and you are going to love it.

  2. Fantastic! Have a blast, and hope we get to meet.
    And once you’re on the boat, let all the cares of land slide away…

  3. Have a safe trip … and enjoy!

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