Song Of The Day – Mo Kenney – “Sucker’

Mo Kenney

Mo Kenney (Photo credit: Mira Shemeikka)

I originally posted this as one of my 2012 favourites and have chosen to go back to it as it deserves its own place here.  Mo Kenney is a rising artist out of Nova Scotia, Canada.  She is but 22, yet has played and recorded since 14.  This song has put her on the map somewhat up here in Canada, and should receive more recognition elsewhere.  The video is a duet with another terrific talent, Joel Plaskett and recorded live at CBC.  The song has an interesting feel to it in my mind.  Very subtle, yet powerful, very simple yet unique.

Mo Kenney Home

Mo Kenney on Twitter

Mo Kenney on iTunes



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  1. I could not comment last night, so fingers crossed tonight. Your site is only coming to me as a mobile one… Ugh. I loved this song and a few others I listened to last night. Thank you.

    • It worked. She is pretty good isn’t she. Raw talent that shines. One of those songs that are not quite in my wheelhouse, but I end up really liking it, and it moves my wheelhouse into a new direction. I love it when that happens.

    • Just clicked about the mobile site thing. Is that on your computer? Maybe I screwed up a setting here.

      • It is not you. It is totally a screw up with the internet here. There is a huge router down in Texas and everything is fried. It is a major player in the US and I am getting mobile on the laptop, among other strange and annoying things. No worries. It is not you. It is also being fixed.

  2. Good tune, but a little to mellow for me…

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