Moon Dancer – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

I received an email from one of the blogs followers, Alan Wilson.  He is part of a band called Moon Dancer with an interesting story.  Since we first talked in October 2012, I have meant to highlight them in a post.  The time is now.  Please click on this link to learn a bit about the band.

The band released the featured video in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association.  Watch the entire video to discover how you can help.  Inspirational, touching, frustrating, anger creating, very emotional.  Please help this worthy and critical organization.



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  1. I received the same email a while back. It’s very touching and a great cause. I like what they’ve done.

  2. That’s a great message at the end.

  3. Thanks very much John, and the others too. There were even a few terrible things we went through as individuals we did not put in the message. At the moment, here in Lethbridge, about half of our performances are for charity. The latest was a concert on Jan 5 for both Lethbridge food banks. We raised $6500 and had a great time. We got the Mayor of Lethbridge, Rajko Dodic, to play guitar with us for 2 songs–he’s quite good too. For the same two songs, Twist and Shout and Taking Care of Business, we also got the “World’s Coolest Cop” (youtube: 914,000 hits) Sgt. Doug Sokoloski, to also play with us.

    If you want to hear more of our music, give me a regular email address and I’ll attach another song from our album for free. Other than that, look for Moon Dancer, “It’s A Marvelous NIght” on or itunes. A portion of the sales go to CMHA.
    We recorded at the new million dollar digital studios at the U of Lethbridge, had it mixed at Electric City Sound in Victoria and had it mastered in NYC by Scott Hull the man who helped Steely Dan win a Grammy and who just finished mastering Heart’s remarkable version of Stairway to Heaven that they performed at the Lincoln Centre, for the President and the 3 surviving members of LZ. Just trying to recover our production costs so we can go an make another album next year…thanks for your interest and support….
    Allan Wilson

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