To Sail Or Not To Sail – Lake Newell

When we last left off, we were about to take our first lessons at the Glenmore Reservoir here in Calgary.  Lori asked to write this and now, months and months later, I have given up and am moving on out of sequence.  After our Glenmore adventure, we determined that we may need a spot to practise with a cheap 20 footer, or something of that ilk.  Basically, we are full of ideas, but no plan, kind of winging it as we go.  We had asked around and we were told of another reservoir near Brooks, Alberta that offered space and consistent winds.  Many people had boats here, and it was reasonably close to Calgary.  So, off we went to investigate.

We quickly determined it was a lake of some substance, just not the prettiest lake.  This is quite common on the prairies.

IMG_1307We also determined that some pretty good size boats were out here.


Unfortunately, we also determined that the lake was not what we were looking for.  It definitely had few surprises for wind as it was a good-sized body of water with few impediments on shore to disrupt the wind.  This was also a negative as were looking for a place that could give us with enough variety and nooks and crannies to keep us occupied on overnight trips.  This was not a feature of Newell Lake.  Can’t win them all.  We will continue the search in our next instalment.


Author: John

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17 thoughts on “To Sail Or Not To Sail – Lake Newell”

    1. My brain is back on sailing. Just booked a week in Antigua to do a crew competency course on a 40 footer. We love to sail and may (a big may) look to do that dream in our retirement years.

  1. Glad to hear you’re still pursuing it! (I’m sailing vicariously through you.)

    Though I don’t know that even I’d have teh nerve to hoist a sail on that motorboat on the trailer in anything but the lightest winds.
    Does it have some kind of outrigger keel or something?

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