My Favourite Songs of 2012

These songs are the ones that I will remember most from this year.  It certainly appears that the world of music is beginning it’s move away from the pop artists that have been so prevalent and returning to the creation and production of some exceptional songs.  About time I’d say.  I attribute this to the web and the ability of many new artists to reach the public through such areas as Bandcamp, soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter etc.  The advent of these devices has greatly expanded my musical horizons and will continue to do so.

I have chosen not to do a finite top ten list as I appreciated all of these songs and at certain times would have been my number 1.  In addition, I have chosen songs new to me this year, meaning they could be from anytime, although the majority are 2012.  I hope you enjoy.

Emm Gryner – Ciao Monday

I see great things from this Canadian singer-songwriter.  Love this version, recorded live at CBC.

Graffiti6 – Free

This song reached and grabbed me by the ears and shook me to a musical high.  Phenomenally written song, reaching one crescendo after another.

The Lumineers – Ho Hey

Another tune that grabbed me.  The more I listened, the more I liked.  This song will be around for years, in movies, on TV, in commercials.  Instant classic.

Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

Iceland’s contribution to music this year, and a great video as well.

Alabama Shakes – Hold On

What a voice.

Caro Emerald – Back It Up

My favourite find of the year.  I am really digging this act.  Great voice, and different in a great way.

That’s a start, still have some more to pass on and will do so tomorrow.  Don’t want to destroy your attention span.

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  1. Love Of Monsters and Men. Great band. Check out Diiv. Just discovered them. Really good.

  2. You are my music guru, John. LOVE Caro Emerald and Lumineers. Great picks. Waiting for the others to pop up… 😦

  3. This is great. I’ll share them with the capt He’s the musical one around here! Best wishes for a happy 2013!

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